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Come On and Zoom

By doingwell
Wanted to doodle before sleeps

You can thank BF for the title. Have a listen before bed, it's really the greatest song in the world probably.

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© 2012 - 2021 doingwell
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That's just the most adorable purple dog I ever seen *O*
mad-hat-ink's avatar
Did you do this on the yiynova ms?
LemmingBot's avatar
I want to boop his nose! Can I boop his nose!?!
DarthMater's avatar
I really like everything about this! Great work! I love that pose!
ricerodriguez's avatar
Saw the picture, thought it was neat. Read the title and was sent on a huge nostalgia trip. Thanks.
You know what else? They haven't changed their website at ALL. It is literally EXACTLY THE SAME.
So I can keep my nostalgia trip for a while.
itsabrams's avatar
wooow really great work, I like the colors
Praxt's avatar
Zoom, haha. I used to love that show.
Jtown67's avatar
NICE! love the painting style here!
Emerson-Fialho's avatar
Spetacular character, congratulations!
Merry Christmas, my friend! :D
EmptyCity's avatar
He looks like courage the cowardly dog. This is cool.
telae's avatar
this is really cool.
Mink-Farmer's avatar
He looks ready to take on the entire world!
Aqua-Punk's avatar
I really love this!
Dude your getting better each time I see more of your work
I love how much your improving
Ar9gfx's avatar
Really nice! the colour.. fur.. lighting.. :)
Furrama's avatar

My mom bred those for a while. Hyper little things.

Love the blue light/highlight.
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