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TRB: Mountain Hare

Third piece for the Tim'rous Beasties portfolio.

Karisma pencil on black card.

Nothing is right with this piece, but I'm posting it to chart my progress with colouring.

The anatomy is way off. The colours are awful and the I've made the ears too solid compared to the rest of the hare. The only think I like is the texture of the fur, but it doesn't look like my style at all. I prefer the stylised fur of the highland cow. Normally when I draw, I do at least three sketches, to make sure I get the anatomy and fur direction right, but I just drew this straight away.

Disaster, but things can only get better.

EDIT: Thanks to Korrok for smartening up the colours for me.
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I think he looks nice, especially the eye. He would make one hot anthro. ;)
i think it looks great.
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Bunnay! ISSA BUNNAY!!!!
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Can you send me a large original scan of the pic? I think I could improve the colors on PS for you, if you want?

And by the way, I think this is very nice. The fur looks more natural than the other pieces you've done for this.
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Thanks for the compliment.

I'll e-mail the original scan to you just now. Would you be able to give me a quick lesson in PS next time I see you?
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Sure, though I'm hardly experienced with it, I can do a couple of things which are sorta helpful :)
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