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Ink and pencil.

This a drawing of my beloved in his dragon 'form'. It needs some work. I am not at all happy with my colouring abilities, so I'll probably just ink the finished piece.

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Swwwwweet! I love it...looks like somin I'd like on the side of my computer case. ^_^
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Great choice of colours, and again, the mane looks really firey!
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it looks very good coloured, u did a very good picture :)
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Great stuff. I agree about the mane. It looks awesome :thumbsup:

I can't do anything by computers either.. But I downloaded Paint Shop Pro recently.. just to see if I could figure it out....

Well I didn't :P .. (I don't even know if it's the right programme :roll: )

But anyhoo.. you could always check it out if you want..

You can find it here [link]

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Yeah, I have paint shop pro and Adobe illustrator and both are a mystery. I think I will learn to p-shift before I figure them out!

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Hm, have you tried coloring it on the computer? (this is now my all-time favorite way to color stuff.... I would die w/o edit-undo). You did really nice blending of the colored pencils along the mane (mmmm fire). Are these the new pencils you bought a while back? They look like they were high-quality.
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Nope, these were my cheap pencils. And I'm hopeless with computers.

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Heh, go figure. *scratches head* Well then kudos to you for getting a professional look out of non-professional pencils!
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Everyone thinks that at first! I'm sure with practise ya could get really good with 'em. If you can do it in real media, you can do on computers. Unless you're me.

It's a great pic, the fire/mane looks very spiffay and bright.
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