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Sherlock Holmes Dancing Men

Cover to Sherlock Holmes and the Dancing Men.
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Coolest fictional detective EVER!!!
Moogiesgirl77's avatar
Amazing and gorgeous, thank you!
ArtandMore567's avatar
And now for something young and dashing ;)
orange-thief's avatar
Awesome! finally a mustacheless john watson who isnt bbcjohn. lovely dramatic work :)
KTAJATBTB's avatar
As usual, sir, you have taken a classic and made it your own while somehow nailing the source material flawlessly.  I salute you!
Theflipsideproject's avatar
You are really talented! I would love to have some of the skills you do!
AyaAzuresea's avatar
Fantastic! I love your drawing - as well as the Dancing Men (I have tried to solve it while I was reading, it was fun :aww: ) perfect work! :)
cjnwriter's avatar
Awesome! I love the whole thing!
GoodOldBaz's avatar
HA! I LOOOOOVE this! such a cool, comic-book/classical version! I'm glad somebody else likes CANON!!! :D
7thEvaChild's avatar
A rather appropriate cover, I think. Not sure about the dancing men written in stone, or at least how that part turned out, but it still looks great as a mere cover. And it looks like you made sure the dancing men there are the same ones we were given as examples in the book! Nice work!
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Dear Lord this is intricate. Well done you.
killythirsk's avatar
woa by traditional media ? did you mean pencil colour ?? very nice...
Cryptix23's avatar
This is wonderful in many lots of ways.

But... but... the lack of moustache is throwing me. D:
HugMe201's avatar
Me to:( but yeah they did an awsome job. I can't daw people or humaniods.
EliseVF's avatar
Definitely impressive... I'm pretty young but I've read ALL the adventures, case files, etc.! I love the details...
Have you seen BBC's new series, Sherlock? (Don't mean to brag) but I think I'm a pretty qualified critic and I think it couldn't be a better fit- i'd urge any fan to check it out! It's modernized but so, so accurate, immaculate, and just addicting.
Well, that'd be my personal recommendation for you and again, breathtaking work. *FAVOURITES IMMEDIATELY*
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I have seen the BBC material. Thanks for the kind words. Holmes is challenging especially since the people I work for had me make a few changed (making him and Watson younger, no pipe smoking). But is is fun.
sapphireswimming's avatar
Wow. So incredibly fantastic. :heart: This looks awesome. Love their expressions and the poses and colors and everything...
Acalewia's avatar
WOW just great drawing, I've done some comics myself but I can't seem to get the colors this way, did you do the drawing in tempera or colored ink? I was just wondering because it's hard to get tempera or ink to be so neat looking. :D
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