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The Shiny Metal Tutorial


-Photoshop CS2
-Genius Mousepen tablet (8x6)


Sorry about my bad English in first place...

Actually just one person ask me for a tutorial about "how can I do shiny metal armors?" sooo I though may be would be a good idea make a tutorial about that...

I found that there are another Metal tutorials but anyway I do my small contribution to anyone who can be interested in the topic.

I´m not a professional so what you will see is just what I have learned trough the way.

Hope that can be useful for someone




I wanna thanks to my friends:iconalmanssur:, :iconnell-fallcard:, :iconbetombetom: who help me trough the process and the correction of the text (Anyway, sorry for any grammar or orthographic mistake)

thanks for be patient with me

UPDATE: I fix some mistake, now is it the final version
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I realize that this tutorial is mega old, but this is really helpful! Thank you for all the tips and everything. c:
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Very interesting.
AVAGAX's avatar
pretty nice dude!
M-Lee08's avatar
I am about to do metal goin to try some of this.
Dogsfather's avatar
hope you get great resultssss
M-Lee08's avatar
I did and I was able to do some textures over top to look like sheet metal.
by-golly's avatar
You've gotten so much better since you made this tutorial :)
Dogsfather's avatar
thanks, thas the goal!!! keep goingggg
Royki's avatar
Good day, thanks alot for this great tutorial! Just one question, do all your layers stay on multiply in the end?
MsDaemon's avatar
Thank you very much, I made a creature with a shiny shell with this tutorial! Fish [link] and Xiphias [link] Thank you for this great tutorial!
ucilatoz's avatar
wow.. thanks for the tutorial.. i'll try!!!
Azaurmyth's avatar
This is pretty cool. I used your tutorial to make the jewlery on my WIP. I'll send you the link when it's finished ^^
Dogsfather's avatar
what do you mean? You really want to do that?
Dogsfather's avatar
It is ok for me, Just please credit me as the original creator a put a link to the original tutorial :) If you want can show me the progress in the translation, :) thanks you for take the time to do it.
BrianJMurphy's avatar
Thanks for this! :D
wishingdreams's avatar
Hi, can anyone tell me how to do the step where you add two colors to your brush in step 3? So far I am lost as a mother-.... >.> yah . I just can't figure out that part.
Dogsfather's avatar
you just can choose one color for the brush at the time, hummmm
wishingdreams's avatar
oh wow. I'll try. Thank you
Zoosteria's avatar
Thank you so much! Very useful!
Bhiggo's avatar
By the mighty axe of khorne, I went nuts looking for this tutorial. I had used it earlier, but forgot to save it.
Sammy-Harlan's avatar
This is really helpful! I'll definitely use this the next time I need to paint metal! :D
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