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The Momachu -a Pikachu Fanart-

Long time I want to make a represent this, nop, is not a "into the cannon" fanart, is just the way I think a "mammal Pikachu" suppose to be, even knowing fact about "the eggs" and stuff like that (pokemón fans should understand what I'm saying)

hope you like it

First I thought to put some invented facts about the birth but I don't know If you insist I will put it or maybe you could invent some stuff and the more interesting I will put it =D


[link] by :iconaavikkokerma:

[link] by :iconwellhmmm:

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Adorable! I love those Pichu babies!

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It's so beautiful! I give it Pixel Star (free to use) Pixel Star (free to use) Pixel Star (free to use) Pixel Star (free to use) Pixel Star (free to use) 
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This is so frickin adorable <3
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Excellent facial expression.  Very realistic.
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I wish I can adopt one of those tiny baby Pichu and raise it. /)^3^(\
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omg omg omg its so freakin cute manLove Love Hug Heart ♥
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this little pichus :3333 naw ♥♥♥
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have do a fanart from your fanart too ^-^
but it isnt so cute like your picture Sweating a little... 
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Dang That is Dope and cute at the same time
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Gross a little but mostly cute x3 my cat recently had three kittens and we have them all away and this reminds me of them.
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You destroyed my childhood, but this is awesome.
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Dawww... wittle baby pikachus! :iconlaplz:
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those are Pichu.
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They look much less pichu-y than normal: bear with me. ^^;
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Oops. But they are technically Pichu according to pikachu's evolutionary tree.
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Glad to see my argument won you over.
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That literally made me queezy...but small rodents and baby koala bears freak me out. Good job:)
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awww cute but wont it be raichu having the babies not pikcachu?
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