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Edit 2 nov 30th 2015: wow! I hadn't noticed this reached over 1000 favourites! Thank you guys so much!

Edit: This isn't even how I make pixels anymore,, maybe someday I'll make a tutorial for that? It has a lot more steps though

Figured I'd make a tutorial since I saved all the steps for the last pixel I made uvu
hope this helps you guys!

i dotn want to see another fricking comment about the butt omg yes it's a butt i know

Bigger version

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Quisquilian Trade by Dogquest
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This really helped me with learning pixel art, and I was able to make my first icon. Thank you so much <3
Icon For Shadurr by xAmerilandx
tcxkyo's avatar
this is super helpful,, thank you :")
CathawayMoonstar's avatar
This tutorial was helpful <3 also now I feel weird about my pixel lol X3 my butt looks weird but I'm using paint lol X3
rainbowpaint15's avatar
this was helpful, thanks  Pastel Gothine Pixel by rainbowpaint15  
kemonboys's avatar
should i use firealpaca for this??? i tried sai and the sketch is waaaay too small and blurry for it
Dogquest's avatar
i don't think it's a matter of program used so much as the brush! You want to be using a 1 pixel brush with no anti-aliasing, the lines will come out clear that way. unless you mean after scaling the sketch down? in that case you may just need to be using simpler shapes in the sketch- most details sorta get lost and turn into confusing blur when scaled down that small, so the sketch needs to be pretty large clear shapes if you're gonna draw it bigger than shrink the canvas. ever used shrinkydinks? kinda like that haha... Not sure if this advice is helpful but I'm happy to answer more questions if you need it ^^
TheCatQueen10's avatar
Pixel Babs used! and thank you so much for this tutorial it really helped :)))
(^ will be planning on coloring this tho)
Dogquest's avatar
very nice!!! glad the tutorial helped :D
TheCatQueen10's avatar
yep! welcome and thanks!!
omenaapple's avatar
whispers..... butt B)

 no but this is a super neat and simple tuto, love it. thank u dog
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this is a tutorial, not a base. please don't trace/recolour/reupload my work!
countsuccula's avatar… Used this for this here icon. Been trying to find a good method for icons for a while now, and this helped a fair bit.
Dogquest's avatar
it looks great!!! i'm glad the tutorial helped =)
SnugglePuppies's avatar
what is this,"Example Butt"
FayDog's avatar
"example butt".
doodlesbyheart's avatar
Thank you, this is really helpful! c:
Foxxine's avatar
haha I like the example butt XD
snolie's avatar
thank you! i used this tutorial to help me out in making this -…
Dogquest's avatar
ooh looks good :-D
Turqouis's avatar
I'm surprised how much of a close resemblance it had with the program Ms paint.
goosetooth's avatar
This was very helpful I used it to make this ;v;
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