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Space ship modeling

If you need some tips and have some questions just ask. Krodil asked me (I think) to help a little with modeling. This is easiest way I know. :)

Have fun.

Update: Use a lot of pipes on ships they always looks cool and work on details. If you make something out of it feel free to note me.
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See here's what I don't get: How you go from the object in the last screenshot (which looks absolutely NOTHING like a space ship) to the mess in the picture at the bottom (which still doesn't look like a ship). This tutorial is so misleading and crap. I know I am being blunt but you have such a cheek to call it a 'space ship modelling tutorial' when, at best, it merely provides some pointers for modelling one. So full of s**t.
dogparry's avatar
Look kid, this tutorial shows how to manipulate polygons when creating a "something" like spaceship which is most important thing to know in modelling ofc. I can imagine that you left your camera trying to find yourself in another aspect of visual art and got frustrated by simple procedures I provided here. Sit and learn if not from me than from other resources of creating C4D art. Stop spiting on things thats beyond your skill and imagination.
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haha you are blunt but I feel the same. not that the tutorial is completely useless, but it's not it's suppose to be.
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yhx always looked for something like this
galing ah...paano ginawa un? mayroon ba kaung kompleto nito?.....
thanks for this technique. for a n00b like me, it's gonna help.
dogparry's avatar
No prob. Enjoy-
coldspiral's avatar
Thanks for this - I need something to get me started!
dogparry's avatar
No problem buddy. Good luck.
dkstelo's avatar
man thanx so much for your tutos.... is nice to see people like u sharing your knowledge
sam46's avatar
Same as your turret tutorial. Picked up some great tips man, thanks for taking the time to write these.
SyndicDesigns's avatar
Thanks man
even though i knew all of this its good to see a tutorial that someone crated on their own
Captian-Deschain's avatar
Awesome tutorial man :)
danmoore's avatar
Thanks to share ! :)
dogparry's avatar
No problem dan.
sdrmutant's avatar
it is that easy ha!
dogparry's avatar
You now it is.
AlmightyNabeshin's avatar
Y'know, it aint fair. Can't afford the programs and can't afford the computers to run 'em. Awsome work.

Btw; what is you polocy for allowing people to base designs off of you work? I'm told I'm good at drawing mechanical stuff and I won't argue but i ABSOLUTELY suck at designing origional ship concepts.
dogparry's avatar
Im wrote so much tutorials and gave many models and scenes for download just to make some influence on making good, 3D art. I learned using Cinema 4D three years ago from tutorials of older artist and now Im doing the same.
AlmightyNabeshin's avatar
I use pencil and paper predomanantly and I meant -may I use some of your space ship designs every now then, of course with the proper acknowlegmwnts and credit-.
dogparry's avatar
No problem my friend. I would be glad if you do so.
AlmightyNabeshin's avatar
Thank you. I'm the equivlent of dislexic whenit comes to designing space ships.
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the work is perfect!!
Apyrexia's avatar
great tutorial :D
i think i have to install again cinema 4d.. :\
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