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Head modeling C4d part 1

By dogparry
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Part one. Ask if you need any help.
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hell last....perfect head modelling tutorial....
But i also have a similar question....why not use C4D in figure modelling...and is Zbrush better than C4D...?
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Thanks so much for the tutorial! I have a dumb question ;u; When I try to extrude the neck, the whole shape elongates rather than just the part in the picture, even though I only selected the two sections and set the numbers to what you have them at. Do you possibly know what I did wrong?
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Well dont use mouse to extrude neck just change atributes in extrude menu. And btw, dont use c4d for modeling fugures. Ive lost 4 years on that.
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thank you :D
really?! o.o I see you're using zbrush now, is that better? Why is C4D bad for figures? Is it good for other things?
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Cool, I'll do just that. :) I have some trouble on the chin though. It doesn't look very good. >.<
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I'm gonna give this a whirl. Wish me luck. xD
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Send me results. :)
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cool ! thanks...
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Awesome tut,dude..
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thanks, that's seriously one of the best head modeling tutorial for beginners and more..
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Great tut :).
I'm a complete noob with C4D, so this helps alot.
Thanks man.
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Hurry up, with the part 2! Are we making eyes in that one? (:
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Yeah! It is coming...
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I can't wait. (:
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Cool. Thank you. :D :D :D
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Hey man, this is great i was hoping to attempt to do characters this week! Thanks for the tutorial! cant wait for next. Gonna try it out soon :D
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I'll just fav that, thx allot ;)
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Thank you my friend. You see there is 100 times views for this tut and those guys don't even say thanks.
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let's spank um!
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For a long time I was searching for such tutorial, thanks a lot man. Blagodaria.
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There it is. Wait for another for details on face. Then maybe, I'll make whole modeling tut for character.
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as a friend of mine once sad when I fix his computer "I will make you a little shrine if you do it " :)
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