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City tutorial

By dogparry
-Download Citygen plugin from [link] and copy it into your cinema 4d plugin folder.
-Generate city like in tutorial (link to page) and copy paste a little on your floor object.
-Make some of your buildings like I did on other pictures.

Take care when you play with polygons. Rendering is slow and long process. Test picture first with render region. I hope this will help at least to start your own city. Tutorial is made from my work in progress collab with everyone who send me a building or some techy urban thingie.

Experiment and ask if you stuck somewhere.
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please help me, i cant download
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Is this still Working? i cant download, thanks
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Nope and I lost it too. Sorry my friend. :D
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gahh, this doesn't work anymore on rc10 or x64 and just about every site that had it is dead.
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Definately using this, thanks so much!
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For last few years yeah. Try google it bro.
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not works in 64bit
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hey dude can u send me the pkugin n ur link is dead /(
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Its dead for long time. Try find it somewhere else my friend. "They" say you can find it on torrent.
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[link] there you go then stick it in your plug in folder
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Wait, where's the link to the tutorial page!? :(
Am I just retarded?
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you can find it here : [link] :)
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in case anyone needs this plugin, the link in the details isn't valid anymore. i've found it on the site here: [link] just click on the word download. thanks for all your tuts btw, i'm trying to teach myself about the program (i've used photoshop only for sooo long lol) and they've been very helpful. it's nice to have a starting point when trying to learn a new tool lol.
the link makes me go to a random site
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ya, if you want to travel to Syria click on that link.

Maybe the plug in name is City Gen ???
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yo mate where the tutorial
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Do you have a new link for this? This old one doesn't work.

Thank you for sharing.

My Gallery: [link]
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link wont work
BidiFoto's avatar
not working with R12 :)
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