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Cinema 4D + Poser tutorial

By dogparry
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wow i find exelent tutorial like this ........:D
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hey you can make an tutorial of maya or is similar
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Its all similar.
rejectsocietyfx's avatar
hmmmmm never thought of combining both of them like this maybe ill get pozer to :D nice result
emerio's avatar
hey m8, i noticed the render u made on the very top of this. could u possibly make a tut on how to get that exact render effect with the bend's u used etc. please im trying to better myself in c4d but want to learn how to make render's like that. I see u used oil tank but im lost from there. Please help with making a tut i'd appreciate it alot!
kagekun's avatar
ok, now i want poser.
hightillidie's avatar
HA! I will try that. I always wondered , why the hell you do you model a person for an abstract?
paralel's avatar
Great job, my friend!
xgod-0's avatar
Thats not bad buddy, theres some areas where you could improve the method, and make things easyer, such as the importing and what not, buts it a great start, nice tut.
badboy69's avatar
thanx buddy, really aprichieted u took some time and made this tut ;)
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