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Armor plates C4D tutorial

By dogparry
Have fun and say thanks to me. :):) You will probably find some use of this tutorial. If you have questions feel free to ask here.
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© 2007 - 2021 dogparry
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troi oi ma oi
nhu khong
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Thanks for this tutorial! :)
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nice tut. maybe very useful some day
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Mislim da je onaj klasicni, stari interfejs bolji. Jednosvatnije su ikonice... :)
Ali evo vec sam se i ja navikao na novi samo tamniju verziju :)
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Nice tutorial.
We have linked to the tutorial at C4Deviant [link] hope you dont mind:)
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good one adash! the "mistake" make me smile :)
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Don't forget you get the same result if you want sharp but soft edges when subdividing (using NURBS or anything else) by selecting edges and using Chamfer.

It splits the edges in two. Also, you can select polygons and copy/detach them in Max by holding down shift while clicking/moving them then make them separate objects that'll still keep the shape of your original model.

(there are other button/shortcuts for the same actions in Maya, C4D, etc.)
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Good point! Thanks for advice! :)
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:) Keep up,my friend ;)
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No prob! See ya man.
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Thanks for support my friend.:)
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I think people might not notice that you extrude inner twice to get a sharper edge when you put it in hypernurbs. Other than that it looks good and your new model as well :)
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Thanks man. You are right. :)
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