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Hey guys! Guess what? That's right, it's getting closer to that time of the year! The time of joy and wonder and wishing a little help from the Lady Luck! December is only a few days away, so it is time for the good old Dogi tradition, Advent Calendar Giveaway!

For those new here, every year (if possible!) I'll host a small art-giveaway. For 24 days straight, one winner will be revealed at a time for some free arts, these crafts ranging from sketches to fully colored pictures of single character of the winners choosing. To enter, simply favorite this journal before 1st of December - no need to watch or comment, although comments are always welcome. I'm a lonely bean. Be sure to favorite this BEFORE the First of December to be counted in, any favorites after that will be ignored!

Oh right, the art restrictions! Because this year we kinda have to have some, to clear out confusions from previous years:
- No hate art of any kind (hate speech, symbolism for hate, or gore art of characters that ain't yours etc.)
- One character per picture
- On that note, you can win only once!
- No NSFW. Lil bit of blood is fine, but other than that, no. 
- Complaining about the prize you've won / begging to get specific prize will automatically disqualify you, and I will choose another winner. 
- It is all random!

Below this line will be list of this years winners! I'll update this as we start getting winners!

  1. - CuriousCucumber - Flatcolored Chibi

  2. - One-Eyed-Owl-King - Colored Bust sketch

  3. - CinnamonSparx - Bust Sketch

  4. - saina-chan - Flatcolored Chibi

  5. - GadzooksTD - Celshaded Bust

  6. - RelightLionKing - Chibi sketch

  7. - silverheart101 - Bust sketch

  8. - Stormeko - Colored chibi sketch

  9. - RareAksu - Waistup sketch

  10. - :devSpiralAlchemy: - Cel-shade Bust

  11. - Sky-Railroad - Fullbody Flatcolor

  12. - MangoHusky -  Colored chibi sketch

  13. - timeblitz - Flatcolored Bust

  14. - FanGirlMary - Waistup Cel-shade

  15. - Seriitonin - Colored Bust sketch

  16. - Minty25 - Colored waistup sketch

  17. - Sharp-Wit - Celshade Bust

  18. - yanderegirl2 - Full shade Bust

  19. - Spirit--Productions - Flatcolor Waistup

  20. - Lorkain - Full shade Waistup

  21. - FiredragonX89 - Colored Bust sketch

  22. - Iiam 

  23. - Iiam  

  24. - Iiam 

May the luck be on your side this year erryone!
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