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HalfAss Clip Studio Paint Tutorial

Testing a new workflow.
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Thank you for the tutorial!

Hi loved your tutorial please guide me more regarding manga character clothes UwU
are you have the file of this?
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Beautiful tutorial! Thank you!!
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h-how did 5 to 6 happen
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Its just gradient tool + roughing in the details + gaussian blur :D
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also im dumb i meant 6-7
Shirubakasai's avatar
.... whatisagradienttool
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Gradient Tool -…

Step 7 is mostly painting in details, selecting colours off the colour wheel and just painting over step 6
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Really Nice and smart sharing. Thanks!
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Okay, so you keep the lines, but they are just really thin. Gotcha'!
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And low in opacity! :D
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Between steps 6 and 7 you blend in most of your linework. Could you go into more detail of that process? Thanks =)
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A lot of it is just colour picking the two colours and blending them with a 60-70% opacity flat brush. I'll try to go into more detail for future tuts ;W;
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When blending, do you "flatten" the linework and color layers together, do you keep them separated or do you create a new layer? (Sorry if I bother you with all the questions).

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Usually I have them separated, and ill just paint on a new layer on  top of the linework c:
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Love this, very helpful! Thank you so much for posting this! =^.^=
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I'm glad you find it helpful! :D
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Yes <3 _ <3 It is clip studio paint -happy- now I can learn from you hehe. 
doghateburger's avatar
Hope its helpful >3<
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Awesome tutorial! Thank-you, it's nice to see the process you go through to achieve your great drawings! ^_^

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The best thing on this is admitting to how long it took you to nail down the line art. I think too often we see "speedpaints" and assume that the best artists churn out amazing art in an hour or less. Awesome tutorial and keep up the amazing work!
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