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January 8, 2005
Experience the power of a stare in New York comes to Chicago by ~dogeatdog5
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New York comes to Chicago

Did I ever tell you how we met? I'm strolling through Union Square in NY on a warm sunny day enjoying every second of it when I see him from across the park. He's sitting with two boys of whom I can give a description of niether. Chase is the only one that sticks out on that day. I made a bee line straight toward him, sitting down within perfet adoring range and I did just that for about a half an hour. All I wanted to do the whole time is go up to him and talk, say something, anything! But he was with two others and questions remained plentyful, was one his boyfriend? Was he gay? Had he noticed me? Would he even think I was cute? Just then it happened, he got up and started to leave! I could feel my heart starting race, how could I stop him? Was this the only chance I would ever have to say something? The angst piled up as he walked further and further away. I knew I had only one choice, follow that boy! Ok ok, so I'm being a bit dramatic but heh, it's a good story right? I did actually follow him from a safe distance for a bit not really knowing why. I figured if he went into a store or a bar that I couldn't go in after him because stalkers don't make good boyfriend but I thought If I knew what neighborhood he lived in maybe I would bump into him at some later date. Well that was pretty much that, I finally walked off on my own after he walked down into one of the subway stops. But I couldn't get him out of my mind the whold way home, what was his name? Where was that subway taking him? Would I ever see him again? Cut to later that evening; I was in NY by myself for work so I really didn't know a lot of people so I decided to check the city out a bit on my own. I had read about a party at Bowery Bar later that night so I took a walk from my west Village hotel room and walked east toward Bowery. I must have been in the bar for all of five minutes, not even enough time to get a drink, when I see him. It was the boy from the park and this time he wasn't getting away! And thus began our New York love affair. [link]
(I"m adding this note after realizing it was gonig to be a DD. I didn't realize the whole world would be reading this story......*embarrased*...... Also, wanted to let people know I do sell prints so drop me a note and let me know which one and the size!. Thanks so much for all the comments and fave's, there are many more from this session that turned out very cool, my personal fav is: [link]) (I should also not that the model in this phots, Chase, has an accout here now. He's a fantastic writer and also a painter. It's a brand new account so go and welome him! [link])
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xiamerri's avatar
The fact that im only the 2021 comment here
kat-siebler's avatar
that story just gave me hope that I will one day find "the one", for years (about 4?) this has been one of my most favourite pictures of all time, thank you :)
venticinquesimo's avatar
are you still in contac with him?
craneHARDCORE's avatar
This has been featured here: [link] :heart:
ThEuPsIdEdOwNeMoXd's avatar
Very cute! (Both the story and the picture :)) I Certainly hope you wouldn't mind my using this as a drawing refference, the man's face is absolutely gorgeous!
steinbocks's avatar
Such a great photo!
And I really love the story as well :D
DacaStar's avatar
very cute story... you were right to go after him - he is GORGEOUS.
mystical-sorceress's avatar
he reminds me of jude law
La-Dolly-Vita's avatar
Congrats on the DD :clap: :deviation:
WiseRemus's avatar
Oh, man....
This story is know, it means you contunied many of my stories, finding the boy in the bar :) ...i was never able to do so.....
Good luck in your life...
DarkendDreamies's avatar
He looks like "Alex" from Across the Universe.
xcr33chx's avatar
The eyes demand attention. This is and amazing shot.
And the story was absolutely adorable.
kimuh's avatar
maraisawesome's avatar
He looks like Quinn Allman and Jude Law at the same time. Which is GOOOOOD. :D
nikkiZorra's avatar
Mm yum, everything about him is so wonderful. :drool:
Phantomofthenight's avatar
he looks like Davey havok.....
Ephourita's avatar
Ouuuu… I want a print of this picture!! :heart:
Eutierric's avatar
this is gorgeous!!!
altamashu's avatar
gorgeous foto.
Great Shot and Amazing Story...
thr33face's avatar
powerful eyes, superb capture and strong story. love it.
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