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I'm taking photos faster than I can sort through them; between adjusting to a new job (and shift) and working on another big project (a 55gal aquarium).
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  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
    8 years I think

  2. What does your username mean?
    It's from an icon of Shigure Sohma of the manga/anime Fruits Basket. Since I do more photography than writing even though my artistic roots are in literature I thought the silly saying from the icon was appropriate. I also was at a lack for any other ideas at the time I made my account.

  3. Describe yourself in three words.

  4. Are you left or right handed?

  5. What was your first deviation?
    Um.... hold on let me look (yes I still have my first deviations ever still on my page as I haven't deleted anything)..... A photo of a paper Millennium Puzzle (from YUGIOH) necklace I had made.
    Millenium Puzzle replica by dogatemymanuscript

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
    Arrangements, specifically setting up pet housing.

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
    Drawing so I can bring my mind's eye to life

  8. What was your first favourite?
    Let me check that as well ... Shirotsuki. ii by Zemotion

    shirotsuki. ii by zemotion

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
    drawings and photography

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
    I've been encourage by several deviants to continue creating my work because they like it and enjoy it's style even if it's not A grad looking. I've been given tips of things to try or suggestions of photography subjects.

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
    My camera, Photoshop, other editing programs, paper, 0.7mm lead pencil, glue gun, terrariums, and misc. I do a variety of styles each needing a variety of go to tools.

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
    My house surrounded by my pets or outside amongst nature and the everyday happening's of human life

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
    Being asked to admin of someone else's DA group

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Lately I have started playing around with various photo filters and total photo effects from a few different programs. I've dabbled with them before but haven't worked with them much since. Recently I have found myself using more and more photo filters and effects in order to salvage a bad quality photo that has a pose or significance I like, thus I find it hard to discard the shot. Mostly this has occurred out of trying to doctor up photos from my old age smart phone, which on top of bad resolution to begin with, it is also extremely touchy/picky about lighting. Aside from using filters and effects for this main reason I have also been encouraged by other artists to mess around with these tools in photo editing software more just simply to try them out as this can give me more variety in my gallery. In honor of this shift in my photography creativity I am adding a folder to my gallery called "Messing with Filters and Effects," for any photos I have used a filter or effect on since the start of my deviantart account. I have already searched my entire gallery and added all photos I found with an applied effect or filter on them. I have a bunch of such photos lined up for submission in the near feature, which will appear in this new folder as well as in their theme's corresponding folder and my featured.
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So my new snake is finally paid in full after these last 4 months and he's now all mine. I just confirmed that he'll be shipped out Monday which means he'll arrive Tuesday 4/21. Stay tuned to my YouTube account for the unpacking which'll be uploaded no later than Wednesday afternoon. Photos will arrive on DA a few weeks later.
I'm all set for my next reptile show trip in about a week, 4/25. This is mainly a supply trip but I'll upload a pick ups video to my YouTube regardless. I will be checking out amphibians more this trip and looking at snakes that stay small.
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Haven't up dated my journal in 2 months so I thought it was time to freshen it up. Since the December Hamburg, PA reptile show I wrote about last journal, I've been taming the new reptiles and making sure they all settled in okay. I've finally gotten around to switching over from bare bones basic quarantine type setups to pretty setups  =) (Smile) . It was a fun mess made, I mean it looked like a total construction zone Little Worker , but it's finally done and I have something nice to look at Phew!. Still doing some rearranging as I realize I don't like this there or you can't see one of my favorite cages well enough or I decided someone needs their heat setup differently or I'm trying to keep room for future cages, etc. Got one of my display Rubbermaid container terrariums finished and in use already during all the switch over. There will be photos of that as well as the new pretty setups soon.

Okay so during cage switch over and rearranging I was also preparing for a new arrival OMG! I can't contain my excitement! . I have finally decided on what boidae species of snake I will be getting for my collection and I have surprisingly found an individual I like rather quickly at a price I can figure out how to afford. Since my area is in the dead of winter, I am unable to receive the snake til the end of April at the earliest and because of this the breeder was nice enough to let me pay in monthly increments (I don't like dropping $300 on an animal I don't get to see for a few months). I do not plan to release the species name of the newbie until the unpacking video on Youtube, so stay tuned to my channel come the end of April. Currently the proposed/possible shipping date is April 20th with April 21 being arrival day and then on April 25th I'll be off to the Hamburg reptile show again to get f/t mice. For now all I will say is that I did a 360 on what boid I'm getting, it is a 2014 male (be about 6mo old come shipping day), and while not a designer morph he does have a harmless genetic anomaly that makes him look unique. Here's a photo ( Terrarium - Riddle me Mad by dogatemymanuscript) of his cage with a video description/tour.  Since I had tons of extra time to put it together, I had a lot of fun decorating it. I just finally settled on a name for the new guy, Xepher (pronounced with a z sound).
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So I went back to the Hamburg, PA reptile show; the first one since my first trip. The rain, cool day, slicing up my fingers on deli cup lids, nor being bitten by 2 rosy boas dampened the awesomeness of the day. Like usual I came home with more than expected and had to buy some emergency supplies in order to accommodate. One animal I knew I was getting as I had prepaid for it in order to be guaranteed to get one, because at last show the two the breeder usually has per show were sold within 30mins of doors open (1 had been bought by another vendor before the doors were even unlocked). So one new pet I was set up for and had decided on a name for prior to the show. The first unplanned animal I bought was to replace one that died in two weeks of buying it at the last Hamburg show, because it came with a respiratory infection. Found an almost full grown one at the show that is actually pretty calm, considering the species is almost exclusively wild caught. The last new animal I bought, let's just say I now don't have to wait until April-May to get one. Got pet only pricing due to a small bone deformity, plus I don't have to pay shipping, so over all I saved $150! With the holidays I hated to put out as much as I did at the show including the last animal, but saving $150 in the long run is a big deal, so I'll just be running my account on the low side this month into next month. Got to start saving up for cage decor now and there's still a few animals I'm missing for my collection.

I'll start taking some first photos of the newbies once they've had 2 weeks or so to settle in to their new surroundings. I got a video of me unpacking everything from their reptile show containers and putting them in their quarantine terrariums. Go to my Youtube account… to get a first look at the new arrivals. Once everyone's settled in I'll make a better video of each animal that shows them off better and explains more about them.
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I keep finding so many cool species of snakes that I'd like to own. I'm going to need to take a note out of breeders' books and switch to a rack system soon. LOL. I am actually starting to use plastic storage containers from department stores as they're cheaper than aquariums and easier to maneuver/lift for cleaning. I'm working on a display setup using plastic storage bins right now. That's right DISPLAY reptile caging using plastic home storage containers. Going to add somethings to make them more secure, though they're not flimsy and everything fits tight. Going to make a heat pad holder too probably rather than taping it in place as I'll be using back heating rather than under tank heating for the first time. Going to start with 2 of these makeshift display condo cages and if they work out well I may add 1 or 2 more in the future. However the containers size limits me to what animals I can get as the largest has more floor space than a 20H but less floor space than a 20L, which is standard for many snakes. Nonetheless they'd be great for growing up yearling snakes. Perfect size for many geckos and amphibians. So what am I planning on getting for these cages at the current time? Right now I really want a Rosy Boa and a Garter Snake. Both of which max out at small lengths and can live their entire life in the tubs. May use any additional ones I get later for more amphibians, leopard geckos, a gargoyle gecko, and/or raising a baby tree snake. I will defiantly be getting a rare semi-arboreal snake in the spring, but I will not give away the surprise of what it is. Pre-ordering a rare amphibian too which will make it's first appearance in December so stay tuned.  As I'm not sure how soon I'll actually get a garter snake, display tub #2 will probably temporarily house the rare snake while I work on a custom background for its permanent cage. I want a Gargoyle gecko, a salamander or newt, and a White's Tree Frog too so maybe it'll be used for one of those temporarily instead but I have another basic storage box in my closet that can be transformed into a terrarium.
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Found out this week that the biggest NE reptile show was in town and since I happened to be off work I decided to make plans to go. My goal was just to get some of the supplies I need for my terrarium designs for the animals I got at the last reptile show I attended. Finding a deal on cork bark, a used 10gal, and heat mats was my main goal. Boy did I find the mother load of deals on cork bark with a bin of $1 scrap pieces (great for stacking to make a series of hides and climbing spots much larger than any of the individual pieces) and I found the perfect 25'' piece for my corn snake for only $10! That's about the price that small slabs of cork bark start at in my local pet shops. Did good on feeders too though I thought all the mealworms throughout the show were sold out by the time I back tracked to get them, but I managed to find 1000 tucked away at one table under a container of dubia roaches. I only bought 250 at $3 but I was just happy to find some to refresh my breeding colony. Also found Phoenix worms at $5 for 100 and couldn't believe that someone actually had some yet alone so cheap and in such supply. Heard great things about them; easy to keep, calcium rich, full of other nutritional value, small size for geckos, and loved by everything herp; so been wanting to try em but you don't see them often even online.

This show (Hamburg, PA) was much larger than the first one I went to (Lancaster, PA). Got to see some cool looking animals that I had only seen in photos. Needless to say I snapped some pics. Being a larger show with some awesome animals, tons of variety, and great price drops from the average I ended up coming home with not 1 but 2 new scalies and will be discussing with a breeder about sending him payment pre next show for one of his rare species he has but had sold out of by the time I got there. So new pet photos coming soon and new terrarium ideas to come up with. Hehe. Any guesses what I got?

Photos from the show and from the first look at the new pets have been sorted. I just need to title them all and then the first shots will be appearing soon. Stock photos will be uploaded first of course, so you'll get a sneak peek of the newbies with the best shots of them coming later. Sadly I must report that 1 animal I believe to be a "dump." As I suspect he has a respiratory infection that I noticed signs of the day after I brought him home, meaning he would've had it when I bought him since I doubt it can onset in 24hrs like this. Hard to listen for clicking, wheezing, etc in a loud crowed fire hall though I did check for bubbling, a runny noise, drooling, signs or skin parasites, and alertness. All acted aware when approached and reacted defensively or ran away, which my individual still does. He's not as active as I expected from the species and I haven't gotten him to eat despite various offerings, though he does move around the tank heat gradient and doesn't seem dehydrated. Going to be trying a home vaporizing remedy to loosen everything up and help drain his sinuses, which combined with a vitamin regimen I hope will give him enough relief to eat so he can regain some strength and fight it off. Using a remedy from a breeder that's had 100% success rate with it in his snakes. My lizard isn't dripping mucus at all and isn't having clicking, bubbly, wheezing, etc noises all the time so sounds like the infection is at the same stage as the animals the breeder treated with the home remedy. Meaning my guy isn't in critical condition and the good news is it hasn't gotten worse during the week I've had him so far so his immune system must be fighting the infection well.
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My male juvenile corn snake, Muse, finally just shed for the first time since I got him! He's about 1 year old and I've had him for 2 months. He did not shed in 1 continuous piece but rather 4 large pieces and I did make sure it is all off. I did give him a moist hide that I did not observe him use nor did I see him spend any soaking time in his water dish, so next time I'm going to mist the upper part of 1 side of his cage to raise the ambient air humidity in the over all cage.

Muse did not have a huge color change but gained more color in his lower body and he's showing more of a lavender cast now too. With some help I finally got him measured and he's about 22in, so in about two more months he'll be 2 feet long already. Think he's defiantly going to out grow his 20 long by adulthood. He's a good eater after all and takes his fuzzy every week even when he was in the blue phase of shedding.

Now my praying mantis just molted too, so I now have a slightly larger tiny pet bug. Hehe. Photos of Mystique's new looking coming soon. She had more stipeies.
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Been so long that I can't remember how I came to joining deviant art. Probably a friend referred me, a friend that likely is seldom on anymore, unlike at the beginning. All I know is I love DA I love deviantART! and I spend more time on here than I do on Facebook, makind Deviantart my top "social networking" site. I enjoy connecting with other artists from all over the word and from different styles. It's helped me to discover new ways of doing things in my own artwork and the feedback from other deviants helps me to improve.

From grainy, not very selective shots of pets and my stuffed animals
Gamer Kitty by dogatemymanuscript
To being more selective of the photos I upload and trying different angles, lighting, and ideas with my shots
Sleeeep by dogatemymanuscript
Going through my gallery to decide what photos to use for this journal I realized I haven't written anything in awhile and that I need to take more nature photos.

Deviantart opened my mind to strange different kinds of pets so I went from spamming my friends' deviant watch messages with photos of my fish to photos of reptiles and invertebrates but now there's an over all good mix of animal types each time.
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Went to my first reptile show/expo and it was much smaller than expected but still fun and worth the trip. Set aside half of the wedding gift money we got to pick up a couple of wish list animals. Got the #1 one on my list before I even went to the show so I was happy regardless, but I got a pick up at the show as well as took advantage of the lower than pet store prices on feeders and equipment. Even went back to the near by Petco for their reptile rally (all live reptile 50% off and a lot of supplies too) to pick up an animal I'd seen the week before and couldn't get out of my head. A Betta there caught my eye as well as I was leaving, even though I wasn't really looking to get another Betta, as I had just bought one a few days before in order to fill the gaping hole left by my recently departed last Betta, Boogiepop. So I got 5 new additions, which means fresh photo material and new caging projects. Got a video on my Youtube of what I got today between the Expo and Petco, so check it out if you want a sneak peek.

UPDATE: So all the newbies seem to be settling in okay. Everybody is eating, pooping, staying hydrated, and being active when appropriate. Sorting through some of the first photos now, so expect to see the first glimpse of them soon. One of them is not handle tamed yet so there won't be many photos of the one yet. Once the quarantine period is up and I have the money to get their "permanent" cage setup designs finished I will do a Youtube video update on how my pet family has grown. Though the invert season is just kicking into round 2 for the season so hopefully I'll be getting some new inverts too before the video.

OMG they are all so beautiful and wonderfully cute! Love  I can't stop taking pictures of them.
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A while ago I lost access to my Youtube account so after trying EVERY possible password I could think of I had no choice but to open a brand new Youtube account. While I have changed the link on my DA to the new Youtube page, I realize it was likely unnoticed. I know some people like to look at my videos or also follow me on Youtube for my informative videos. Some people may even just like seeing my pets in motion, so I wanted to make sure all my followers are aware of my Youtube account change. My OLD account name on Youtube was Night10gail and the NEW account name is M. Jay (…). Please follow me on my new account. I will be uploading many videos from my old account onto my new account or remaking an updated version of the videos.
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It is now 110 days (3.5 months) until I get married! *Squee* The planning has got me very stressed out but with the date getting ever so closer the excitement is bubbling back up over the stress. It's now the time in the planning process that while still having some RSVPs to chase down, I am painting, gluing, cutting, etc to get the centerpieces pieced together. Things are really starting to come together, so I will soon have the first photos of wedding day DIY crafts to post. With this in mind I have created a new gallery folder "Wedding Collection," where everything will be grouped together as well as still being in their corresponding folder (objects, people, etc). Stay tuned for my first line of wedding related photos called "Wedding First Look," so titled as there will be additional photos of most items from the day of the wedding, when all decor is set up and arranged at the venue, giving the full visual affect of the items.
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So I'm finally very settled into my new apartment with my fiance and use to it being home. Now we are finally getting seriously underway with wedding plans. In fact my wedding attire is almost completely done. All I have to buy/order yet is a pair of shoes, which I'm hoping to get a great discount on during Black Friday. This means that I already have my dress. That's right the highest ticked item that's usually the hardest to pick out, has been already bought, at a steal price if I might add, and sitting in a cloth bag deep in my closet. Now if only we could decided on the attire for the rest of the bridal party, LOL.
We got our date, place, and cake all picked out so we are way underway in planning the actual wedding. Our decorating layout is almost completely planned so we just got to pick up or order all the supplies and add or adjust as we go. I actually litterally just picked up some of the decorations today, because I found them at an excellent sale price, and it was the better version of the item too. I plan to get the table centerpieces put together and stored away way ahead of time too, so it's one last thing to do real close to the wedding and buying them early will break up the wedding expenses. Now to get cracking at designing the invitations and deciding whether to home print them or make copies at a Staples.
This is tiring work that has been keeping me very busy in my off time from work. I'm trying to keep on top of everything and stay way ahead, before family start calling about their wardrobe and directions and what not else, as is bound to happen in the last months leading up to the wedding. However, I also expect such plentiful phone calls shall start after the sending out of the invitations. If anyone has any tips or words of wisdom that may help me in further planning, money saving, or time saving please let me know. I'd love to hear what everyone found helpful to them or heard of being helpful to others. Know any good stores to buy decorations, the rings, etc that may save money?
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I'm back from the week of packing and moving. Got some rearranging and a little unpacking to do, but I'll do it here and there. It's mostly decorating that's left. Obviously, me being back on DA means that I've gotten internet (and cable). So expect some uploads soon. I got quite a bit of stuff backed up as well and some videos for youtube to do. I also got some new setups and hope for new pets to be in my future as well.
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I just got the word that my fiance and I were approved for our first apartment together, and we were approved before anyone else had a chance to take the apartment first, despite the snag in the approval process. Apparently, paying a few hundred dollars a month in students loans has yet to show up on my credit report, so I had to play phone tag to get my excellent loan repayment history to the apartment complex, so I HAD credit for them to be able to make a decision on the application. It was crazy hoops to jump through in between work hours but I finally got the word that we were approved and I got a hold of them the very next morning when the office opened to let them know we'd take it. So next Thursday we have an appointment to go sign the lease and then that weekend we'll be moving in the bulk of our stuff. I'm excited to have my own place that I can decorate and run my way without having to clean up after my entire family. At the same time I'm nervous and scared as most people are when they first move out of their childhood home. However, I figure we ALL have to make that leap at some time and we'll never be ENTIRELY ready, so you just got to close your eyes and jump while you're still feeling pretty good about it or you'll get stuck again and never leave.

So I'm gonna be very busy for a while with packing, moving, and settling in. This means I won't be on for a while or at least not be on much or for too long. I'm gonna try to pop in to keep my inbox clean and to maintain my groups. Sorry, to the deviants that readily follow me and chat with me, you know who I'm talking about ;) I'm already behind on uploading my photos from Ren fair, the newest of my animals, and my latest terrariums/aquariums. I apologize for those who have been looking forward to seeing them and I'll upload them, along with more new ones from after the move, when I'm settled into my new place with internet or can visit a family member w/internet for an extended period. Wish me luck and happiness in this new journey of my life. In the mean time I still got lots to do before the moving help arrives at 8am the first weekend of September. Suddenly had to go mattress shopping and need to get all the basic cat supplies. My clothes and junk draws are all sorted through but I gotta clean all my kitchen supplies before they get packed. Not to mention I'm waiting on getting boxes from work yet so I have something to pack my stuff in. Plus since I'm not moving my animals til the following wee,k so I can get the apt. temperature right for them and have all my furniture on which to set them arranged, I got to move all my cages off my bedroom stands. Don't know where to put all my animals and pet supplies in the meantime. I'm feeling overwhelmed and can't find anyone to cover my shift Friday so I got plenty of time to be ready.

Okay now a bit about my new apartment for my friends who haven't heard anything about it: It IS a two bedroom, which means we'll have a guest bedroom if any of you from college come down to my home town to visit MY local card shop or need a place to stay for the future wedding. There was no one bedrooms available at our top pick place and a one bedroom at our #2 pick cost as much monthly as this two bedroom apartment we're getting. My cat's will be moving with me and the place is 100% caged animal friendly, which means I will eventually be getting the snake I've wanted for years. So I'll probably be attending my first reptile convention next year, but in the mean time ALL my strange pets are welcome in my new apt. The apartment complex has a pool for residents but guest can use it for a small fee and laundry is done at a residential laundromat in each building. We'll have a patio and a large air conditioner is built into the apartment.

So apparently, revamping most of my animals' cages is part of moving. Got to finish my WIP terrarium designs prior to the move. I haven't settled on a final look for my desert beetles but I'm keeping this plan B theme for them for sure. I also had a rash string of deaths in my invertebrate collection, so there is no longer a need for one of my larger terrariums. Since I went from 8 millipedes down to 3 millipedes, I moved the remaining into a smaller cage since a 10gal is a bit much for two 4 inchers and a baby. Gotta say I think I like this new set up for them better than any others I ever made for them. Probably won't add any individuals for a while so I can keep the compact setup. My land snails got an upgrade, even though I lost 2 of them plus both their tiny wild millipede roommates. The larger cage is clearer and should be easier for me to get my hand inside to wipe poop off the walls. Figured it give the 2 large snails more mobility around the decorations since everything wouldn't be crammed in tight around each other. The taller cage also allowed for a sturdier plant with wire in the base so it won't bend under the larger snails' weight. Now I need a bigger clay pot as the small one looks miniature in this new terrarium and the large snails will barely fit in it if they get much larger. Maybe I should get a bigger dish too since it's the size of 1 of the large snails. Not that they don't just drag the veggies out of it anyway, LOL.
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While I have  a lot of pet photos and new caging designs to name and upload, I am busy with excitement getting ready for a trip to the PA Renaissance Fair that is just a mere two weeks away. *Squwee!* While I've been to the Ren fair many times, each year it is still just as exciting to go and this year my excitement is extra high for some reason. I'm going all out, aimed with some ideas I got while visiting the fair last year. I get one thing finished and then I get a new idea to add to my costume. So expect a lot of Renaissance fair related photos and a new project to be uploaded sometime in the future. In the meantime I don't think I'll be doing much on DA. Everyone hope for good weather (sunny, but not real hot, and no chance of rain) for me.
So what kind of prep am I doing, you may wonder? Well, my drabbit, Ainsel is getting a minor make over and I'm FINALLY snazzing up my masquerade mask from after prom 5 years ago. I'm already putting much thought into making my nails, jewelry, and makeup compliment each other and tie into all the colors in my outfit.
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Can't believe I'm 23 already! I've been meaning to make a list of pets I want sometime through out my lifetime and I thought now would be a great time to do it, since I'm planning on using some Birthday money to get a few of the inverts on my list that are currently in stock or that come in stock within the next few months. My favorite pet invertebrate site to purchase from is and I check the breeder, Peter Clausen's, stock regularly.

1 Vietnamese Rainbow millipede
1 Kentucky flat millipede (Apheloria virginiensis)?
1 male Rhino/Hercules Beetle (Olive version)
1 Giant Rainforest Pillbug or a Pillbug millipede
1 Tricolor Flower mantis (Harpagomantis tricolor)
1 female South American Green mantis (Oxyopsis gracilis)
1 Cryptic mantis (Sibylla pretiosa)
1 Omomantis zebrata
6-12 aquatic apple snails in each color variety w/1 assassin snail (for controlling the population)
1 Electric Blue Crayfish
1 Sakura shrimp of each color
1 Triops culture <- won't buy til I get my own place

If you know any USA breeders that have any of the above invertebrates currently for sale, please let me know. At this time I'm only interested in purchasing new pet inverts as I have no room for more reptiles. If you see any pretty scarab family beetles for sale in the US I'd love to hear about it because I love scarabs.

1 Western Hognose snake (Heterodon nasicus) in normal, anery, or yellow morph
3 Corn Snakes (Pantherophis guttatus) in striped/patternless sunglow or regular Orchid, strawberry, and a coral ghost morph
1 Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis) in albino checkered, San Francisco, or Blue morph
1 male Brazilian Rainbow Boa (Epicrates cenchria) in high orange morph
1 Milk Snake possibly (Lampropeltis triangulum) in hypo tangerine Honduran, hypomelanistic Pueblan, or anery Honduran morph
1 Leopard Gecko (Eublepharis macularius) in snow morph
1 male Crested gecko (Rhacodactylus ciliatus) in tricolor dark harlequin or brindled morph for breeding to my yellow tiger crestie
1 Russian tortoise

1 dragon scale Betta in Delta tail or Double tail preferably
1 salamander plakat Betta
A 55gal+ full of shark looking fish (like catfish and Loaches; below is a list of fish I was thinking about that fit the theme)
*Black tip, Pangasius, Pictus, Ghost, Upside Down, Striped Raphael catfish
*Dinosaur Bichir
*Gold Dojo, clown Loach
*Giant, Lg Zebra, Lg Neon Danio
*Rainbow shark
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Coming Up...

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 28, 2012, 8:38 PM

This is for all my watchers who wonder what I'm up to and when I'm going to upload something new. I'll list what writing and graphic design projects I'm working on as well as let you know when they're finished but just waiting to be uploaded. I'll let you know what aquarium designs I have planed and when I have them finished so you'll know to expect them soon. Since I upload my photos in batches I'll also let you know what types of photos I have waiting to be uploaded. I'll also inform everyone of any major changes to currently uploaded works and let you know when I'm finished uploading what I'd had listed.


Recently Uploaded:
*Crested Gecko photos
*Latest batch/round of aquarium designs and my updated millipede box terrarium layout
*Giant Darkling Beetle photographic life cycle
*L7 photos of my mantis, Nymphadora

Coming Soon:
*Cute photos of my tiger cat, Lilly
* Pics of my crestie, Butterscotch
*St. Patrick's Day aquarium
*My mantis, Nymphadora, as an adult

Thanks for stopping in.

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