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My Bio
I've been folding origami off and on as far back as I can remember. I didn't really consider it a serious hobby until the late '90s when someone noticed me idly folding bits of paper at my desk. They gave me an origami page-a-day calender and by mid-January, I was already into June. After that, of course, the hobby took off and I stared folding more and more complicated things.

Eventually I moved out of just following instructions into modifying existing designs to suit my tastes as well as coming up with a few original designs.

My origami specialties these days are roses, molecules, and planets, but I'm always looking for something else to inspire me.

In addition to Origami, I do projects involving some combination of computing, electronics, ballooning, beer brewing, and whatever other crafty or engineering projects sound interesting at the time.

Following is encouraged and appreciated!


Tools of the Trade
My computers, My printer, lots of paper...
Other Interests
Electronics, computing, ballooning, other engineering
I see a lot of people get overly worked up about the proper use of the word.  I see people with a matter-of-fact attitude explain that if there are cuts in the paper, if the paper isn't a square, if the model requires the assistance of adhesives, or if more than one square of paper is necessary, then it isn't *really* origami... If you distill it down to its basic meaning, then the word simply means folded paper.  The problem with defining origami as "Just this and nothing else" is that it becomes a limiting factor for what is really a whole spectrum of paper crafts. But what is origami and what isn't? The general consensus seems to be that
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hey dan big fan of ur rose theres a backup of ur site i found lololo here enjoy… hahahha huhehueheuheu

I'm gonna raid the wayback machine to populate my new websites in the coming weeks.
Can I have diagrams for your origami planets?
Sure!  Once I get my websites populated with content, I'll have the PDF kits for the various planets posted there.
Well sure.. Unfortunately I'll have to regenerate the whole set of kits because I lost most of them when I had a catastrophic computer a couple of months ago.  I'll probably post more information about it as soon as I have some kits available.
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