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Model  sci fi
The future of VR.
Personal work, 2020.
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So people don't have to shit in the future anymore.

Average consumer:I will take ur entire stock.

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I want to unsee this. ( Nice work though)
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love the luner industries air conditioning ! nice work

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I find this disturbing but a beautiful work of art. It's poignant in what is happening to our society. I think the baby left on the floor with nobody caring for him/her is profound commentary on our new normal. It' sad in a way but it seems to be coming to something exactly like this. Incompetent parents and a neglected young child left to fend for him/herself. Sign of the times, I suppose. Thank you for sharing this one. No fluff with this one, just a warning of may yet be. I like art that makes one think. Awesome!

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Dang. That's so bleak it hurts.

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dude ngl this is gonna be 2020 idk i mean just by the looks of it the art is dope btw

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This is utterly bleak. Phenomenal work BTW. Let's hope it doesn't get to that. xD

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This is not accurate. First: they have a child. Second: they're not wearing masks at home. Third: a male and a female living under the same roof, relationships should be online only!!!!

Of course I'm joking :)

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Hey, by now we were supposed to have a privately run police force after they defund and dissolve the gov't organized Police. We were going to have RoboCops everywhere and Corporations running the world with no gov't that can stop them. Well, the defunded Police part seems to be happening now. Wait until we get the privatized Police who answer to stockholders instead of the citizenry.

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I'm not from the US, so I don't know about these topics. The police here in Europe is controlled by the so-called "left", so we have the opposite problem

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Our police are seen by some as abusing their power and authority and it is the Left here that claim the police are getting away with crimes and even murder. The Left is calling for ALL local Police Dept' to be 'defunded' and replaced with private police forces or security. THAT seems like a dystopian novel like 1984. The movie, ROBOCOP, from 1987 predicted a future that had corporations taking over policing by bidding to do it to the State. The lowest bidder would get the job, like a construction company would to build something for the local or State gov't. This was seen as impossible to happen but now it seems like it is inevitable. It is a Marxist Tactic to call for the shutdown of traditional-government-run police forces. It's right out of the Soviet Union's formation during the early 20th Century by the Bolsheviks. Our kids in public school are no longer taught about the horrors of war or the millions dead under Socialism and Communism. WE used to have a class in public school called CIVICS that taught students about our laws and responsibilities as American Citizens. We were taught about out country's history and the Constitution which is supposed to be the supreme law of this land. Many Democrats want to remove the Constitution and replace with a Socialist system like what happened to Venezuela. So many dead now in Venezuela while the President became sole leader for life as a Dictator. With what has been happening in the U.S. most people can only foresee a new Civil War for us like we had in 1861-1864. Many died. More persons died in the U.S. Civil War than died in every country during World War I. It was bloody and through the ages, old soldiers told about the gore by oral tradition and through the generations we were taught how horrible and bloody it all was. Our leaders in the Legislature have been oppressing the citizens for decades now while kissing the backside of Illegal aliens like they matter more than the people who are actual Citizens. The taxes went up so bad that most companies left the U.S. to go elsewhere. President Trump changed this. He lowered corporate taxes by 40% and lowered income taxes on the middle class working families. The Democrats (The Left) hated Trump for this. They see that tax money as theirs to do with what they want. They don't care. They believe they deserve better than the ordinary citizens. Thank GOD for our Second Amendment. It's all we have left to defend ourselves.

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Awesome work! Black Mirror S07E1

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I am going to search this out. Wow

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Let's hope that we will have a spiritual awakening so that this will never happen.so that the future generations have a balanced,healthy,and most importantly a STRONG life.

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disturbing and one day will be reality...

great piece of art

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Holy crap... This is deeply depressing.

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Agreed, it's very powerful and unsettling.

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Very well done; and a bit frightening...

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Wow... That's mean!!! What a piece of art!!!
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This seriously hits all my papa bear instincts. "Your baby! Who's looking after your baby!?!" Nice work. :D strong emotional response here.

COVID better be friggen gone by the time 2100 rolls around, this past few months have done a number on my sanity.

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Seriously grim...

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