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Former 'shoutboard' re AG

Mon May 5, 2008, 8:03 PM
Apathy has been setting in for some time, as understanding
grows...and also anger retreats as understanding and acceptance of
pathologic behavior increases...or, possibly, socio-pathic behavior...
or possibly the realization that just plain old common chronic illness
will take its toll on anyone...I must assume that people don't choose to be bad, but that badness is thrust on them...

Good-bye and good riddance to that AG person!!

Until I receive an apology, I have no choice but to regard
AG as her other long-term observers do, and perhaps a
little worse.... and she knows why.....

If you react POISONOUSLY to sympathy, then you deserve
to be considered a non-person -- I won't bother myself with
retaining any anger - its pointless and unproductive. But I do hope that you retain the GUILT that you deserve to experience!

Please don't mention any bullshit about "stalking" - the idea of meeting or seeing AG in person now is NAUSEATING -- I repeat
NAUSEATING (her english tutor will need to look it up for her!!)

As a public figure though, AG is FAIR GAME as regards her
performances and persona. It is not a little ironic, that many long-term observers know far more than I, who corresponded
with her for nearly 3 years! There is little more for me to say that
isn't already known to the the cognosenti.....

I will never understand why the capricious one
did what she did, and why I was excluded from her
agenda so rudely. It was the essence of _rudeness_
and inconsideration. But, since it takes two to tango,
I conclude even that a long correspondance may became
meaningless to certain people.

I pity her, and pity those who are nearby her regularly,
or must try to work with her, or who profess friendship
or any normal human feelings.

She should know that I will always be appreciative for the
few significant favors she did for me - simply by telling
the truth so well, and displaying loyalty and good advice.

The bottom line is that A changed her agenda, in a hurtful
and incomprehensible process. All that she had to do was simply say
" ....Sid, please don't communicate, you are not on my agenda anymore" - or words to that effect, in one or two sentences, instead of the poisonous behaviour she chose.

I am slow, so it took me rather a long time to come to the recognition
that she is a bit of a barbarian and a philistine,
a hypocrite, a hysterical woman, and most of all,
an accomplished liar.v
All this, and... her signature song is "Vissi D'Arte" ????

I always rise above meannesss encountered in others,
"To strive, to seek, but not to yield ---" -- no self-pity, etc.....
I shall continue to calmly pass by the hysterical, mean, uncaring, arrogant, philistine....

But as to AG/A/A2/Ana/Anya/secretary/employee/Anastaysha
- the bottom line is that all she said about her former husband's
afflication _really_ applies to her, and it is _she_ who should
tend to her mental state with the help of a professional
in such matters.

Her early claim to me notwithstanding, she _is_ as depicted by the "media" -in fact, much worse, and more hurtful - bottom line: a very selfish individual...

PS, Actually I feel LIBERATED, esp. since AG is quite happy with

There is no purpose to anger, except to warn others who are smitten and likely to face the the same pain: nothing hurts so much as a wound from a friend,  or a friend's betrayal....
that is all... I assume that she is sick, and so I must wish her a return to good health in all matters and aspects of herself...

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Note, No comments, no rebuttal, nothing from her sneaky and ignorant staff -- regarding any of my observations and expected...
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May 5, 2008