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Golden Shrike - QnA vol 2


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Sorry it's taking so long! I've drawn some, but I've also been a little burnt out.

The twins teaching Kasko to dance... but woodlanders are graceful enough to prosper only in breakdancing.

My comic turned 3 years old the 11th of April and I forgot it. To lamely celebrate it, you can ask questions related to GS and I'll draw some answers. I'll pick the ones that get asked the most (you can also heart/like the questions you'd want to see answered) and I feel comfortable in answering without spoiling the story. Thus questions like 'will Thing X happen' will likely get no answer.

You can check answers to some earlier questions from 2019:
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Haha. Drawing animals dancing is a lot of fun. I just imagined them dancing to this.

Tsunami13661's avatar

I'd like to know just how many species of deer you have, and which ones are the rarest!

Chepseh's avatar

What is their choice of music here? :dummy:

DreamingLynx's avatar

Maybe why marshland deer are rare beauties? What happened (if it doesn't spoil)

HiddenWolf's avatar

Did the birds put those accessories to some of the deer?

dinosnoree's avatar

Do you have a plan for how many pages/years you're gonna be working on this? I'm so excited to see more :blur:

girlonwantedposters's avatar

Are you using a slight chromatic aberration on this pic? Is it only on the line art?

doeprince's avatar

Yes, but I flattened the whole image before applying it.

girlonwantedposters's avatar

haha I knew it! Oh, I was so excited when I noticed it. I love that it really gives it just a little bit more depth than a regular grey drawing.

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Hmmm, how to best phrase this.... Are all kinds of animals as religious as deer kind?

Do all the animals in this world believe in just one god (Karuna), or do they each have their own god/s? (Is there some kind of other god for each animal and do they know of each other's existence?)

Tabby-Grizz's avatar

NAAAAAAMES! (ha not really my question)

In fact it's not even a question. I only Demand a dance routine animated at 60 fps! I wanna see these deers bust a move and shake their groove thangs!

KuraiZ5132's avatar

Nero: have you ever put yerself in danger when you were a fawn?

Everyone:Do your birds have names?

HarveyPegasus's avatar

Anyone: Do you name your bird companions? and how did you meet yours (What were you doing?)

wingsoffire1534's avatar

Nero: what are your goals in life?

Runi: what did you think of Cutlass and Riptail?

Kasko: how is your relationship with your Halv?

Usma: did you like the Gathering? Did everything turn out okay?

Helvise: what do you like to do in your spare time?

Antaras: how did you get that ring on your antler? What does it mean?

Doeprince: do the deer give their Halves names?

LunarShadowCreations's avatar

Do the halv birds have names? Are the names given to them by their companion deer, or by companion deer's parents?

Also, in the last Q&A, you said that Runi's working name was Usma - so, did Usma (current character) exist under a different name when you were conceptualizing the comic, or did you create her to keep the name for a different deer than Runi, after deciding Usma wasn't the name for Runi? (in other words, what came first, the character or the name?)

Everaven1's avatar

To Nero:

Are you interested at all in having a partner in the future? If so, what type of deer would you be attracted to? Doe? Buck?

hey-magpie's avatar

To doeprince:

Have there been any big/drastic changes you've made behind the scenes while planning pages up to the release of page 126 that we're none the wiser about? Any untold secrets you can tell us about long past pages?

In the previous Q&A, you estimated that Golden Shrike could be anything from 250-500 pages long. It's been over a year since then, has your expectation changed at all?

BRAZAnaf's avatar

Will we met another marshlanders?

TuxedoSuchomimus's avatar

What kind of animals inhabit this world other than Deer, wolves and birds, and how do they fit in with Deer mythology?

Is there, for example, a wolf demon?

Valyus's avatar

Did losing her bird have any effect on Helevise (other than sorrow?)

Like this is a crazy theory, but did she magically become old because she lost her bird? Or did it have any other kind of effect on her, magical or otherwise?

What effect does losing a bird have on a deer?

I'm also very curious about what effect antlers have on deer culture because that is basically a deer's most distinct feature compered to other animals, and I really like interesting world building and lore.

Are bucks with small/no antlers made fun of (sort of like having a small weenier for human men?)

Are deer ever sexist towards does because of them not having antlers?

Do they few it as some kind of distinct gift or feature from their god, with a Just-so-story attached to it?

Do they fail off seasonally like real deer, and if so are they embarrassed when this happens? Or are they permanent?

How would they react to an antlered doe? (caused by either a hormone issue, a mutation, a raindeer equivalent species in which females have antlers, or the doe being transgender).

Valyus's avatar

* Compared, not compered.

* View, not few.

Sorry for the typos. I promise I do know how to spell, lol. I just write too fast.

Also, a "Just-so" story is basically a mythological origin story for something, like an specific animal trait or behavior, or a cultural practice. It explains it more in-depth if you look the term up:

Famai's avatar

In the beginning of the comic Runi was a "wise" and "more level headed" doe (in my opinion), now every two to three panels she is screaming (like loud-mouthed kind of way) giving her grievances/opinions every chance she gets (it might be a bit exaggerated sorry, is difficult to explain it, because I am not very good with my English), was she always like that? or did she went through a change because of the circumstances.

Goldenflowerstar's avatar

Kasko, do you miss your family

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