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Golden Shrike - 89

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Soap those trashmouths.

Cameos on the 1st panel:
Leftmost grey background-stag (Ephedra) - secondhandben
Brown buck on right (Sanga) - WolfieYote

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WolfieYote's avatar
WolfieYoteHobbyist General Artist
I love Nero XD
XSamuraiEdgeX's avatar
XSamuraiEdgeXHobbyist Digital Artist

lol he didn't mean THAT kind of request! XD

Sanluris's avatar
SanlurisHobbyist General Artist

"Oh yeah? Well, you're hot! Wait...."

tamoshika-kaiana's avatar
tamoshika-kaianaHobbyist Digital Artist

i'm praying that they become friends.

or more.

this already is looking good LMAO

sproutfly's avatar

characters: (annoy the hell out of each other when they first meet)

me: aaaaand I kinda ship it

galaxypastel123's avatar
galaxypastel123New Deviant


TheWilderCat's avatar
TheWilderCatHobbyist Digital Artist

It really looked like he was going to stab him in the eye for a second there.

Radiant-Laurels's avatar
Radiant-LaurelsHobbyist General Artist

That face in the first panel has me rollin

SaritaWolff's avatar
SaritaWolffHobbyist General Artist

(Hi creeping back on dA for second to see what ya'll are up to and dang this comic is good I just binged it and I'm in love thank you)

doeprince's avatar

Ooo, well that's a nostalgic username, hope you're doing well. Glad you enjoyed!

Kindalo's avatar
KindaloHobbyist General Artist

Okay, I LOVE their interactions. The chemistry here between them is so good, with them both being cocky shitheads with the stones to back up their egos. Our gray friend seems a touch more experienced than Nero, though; that's a clever move. Nero's butt bounce was wise, too.

Their banter is so entertaining. I'm really hoping we get to see more of this guy. I love his attitude.

doeprince's avatar

He will be a recurring character so buckle up for more!

Ticklicous's avatar
TicklicousHobbyist Digital Artist

If this is anything like it always goes with boys, these two are destined to become good friends. XD

SmolderBone's avatar
SmolderBoneHobbyist Digital Artist

Aaaa I still loveloveLOVE that orange doe in the background! <3

Nero, älä ole ton värinen.

ShadowFire102's avatar
ShadowFire102Student Artist

Nero's expression are always just, so amazing.

Wilczomlecz's avatar

I'm coming back to this page for the 6th or 7th time just to stare at this guy's gorgeous smile Starstruck / Starry Eyed

ClaraCheetahWolf's avatar
ClaraCheetahWolfHobbyist Digital Artist

All I can say is "Oh my," and you can probably guess what's next.

Songdog-StrayFang's avatar
Songdog-StrayFangHobbyist Digital Artist

Look at that intense cuddling.

DeeryDeerth's avatar
DeeryDeerthHobbyist General Artist

Theyre both so fucking stupid i love them

MozartStarling's avatar
MozartStarlingHobbyist Photographer
Lmao I love watching Gay Meathead Gym Bros in the early stages of their love. So much rage, so much sexual tension.

(I know they're probably straight but I just love gettin my grubby gay hands over everything)
Losty1019's avatar
Losty1019Student Artist

Kick his ass

Nicooriia's avatar
NicooriiaProfessional Digital Artist

I detect


Silberstreifen's avatar
SilberstreifenStudent General Artist

Nero straight up hip-checked his way out of that headlock lmao

hey-magpie's avatar

Oh no, I like this guy. Hope he randomly appears throughout the comic to push Nero's face in the dirt c:

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