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Golden Shrike - 49
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Published: August 1, 2019
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.... Chapter ends here. I feel like yall young-squad stans and shippers are gonna kill me.

So, in the end nobody died but we lost everyone. Gone are the easy lazy days and highly sheltered life. Goodbye community, friends and family. Goodbye marshes! (Not one place in the first chapter looked like a marsh because I was a doofus, but you can imagine the area to be mostly that with some foresty patches)

During this chapter I got to understand Photoshop a little better and we don't hate each other that much anymore. I've been trying to work on my paneling by stuffing more of them on a page so each page would be interesting to read, but at times I have doubts if I'm forcing it too much. I did this especially towards the end. Thoughts?

I'm pretty spooked we've gotten this far and it'd seriously not be like this if I didn't get such encouragement from readers. You've been great - I want my comment section to stay as dramaless as it has been 99% so good job people! You're golden.

Aigh and now we're gonna take a month long break again. We'll be back on August 29 with either a cover or a page depending how far I get with my work on fourth chapter. During the break I'll be posting a 4 paged bonus comic for Patreon's Magpie tier, but will upload the first page here next Thursday.

This is a good spot to ask for critique and feedback on readability, characters, art, pacing etc. Let me know if you feel like I should pay more attention to something.

Some links:
- I'll be accepting cameo characters till August 8. You can check some cameo refs I made here and here.
- Comic translated to Polish by KomikSowa
- Comic translated to Brazilian Portuguese by Laranda-Traducoes

:iconpatreon-plz: GS on Patreon
:sunnysideup: GS on Smackjeeves


Last gift art of the chapter:
Here come the deer...and wolves...and Mozernath by JurassicDissaster
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m-o-u-r-i|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Even in the wild, deer will turn around if it's their own young in danger

They're just being dicks, Nero has every right to be pissed.
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I've just started reading this and i've got to say it's fantastic. The story, the characters feel so well thought out. I can't wait to see how this comic plays out. 
I hope when your done with it, to publish it and allow people to actually buy all the chapters. Would love to own a physical copy of this entire story.
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This is absolutely amazing!!!! I really do love this comic! I haven't been on a whole lot and coming back to a lot of pages made me so happy. you do an amazing job with the characyers and everything. please keep going <3 :D
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Love reading this chapter! Maybe you could increase the pupil when needed for emotions. When they are angry or sad then the pupil will be bigger. Shows more emotion / gives it more life :) I really like the colors of the comic and that each character has a unique personality :D
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Liljatupsu|Hobbyist Digital Artist
My sister said she ships RunixBiro and she has infected me so now I ship it too.
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AcornArtStudio|Hobbyist Digital Artist
That lighting is absolutely stunning!!!
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The-Purgatory-City's avatar
Is it bad if I hope the little one is traumatized by her dad admitting she'd be left behind if she tripped?
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KomikSowa's avatar
Thanks for mentioning me here!! :heart: :D
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Mysterious-Bonbon's avatar
Mysterious-Bonbon|Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh no
i dont know this comic but bambi taught me running into an open field as a deer is a bad idea
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Xein000| General Artist
One bird follows each of them.
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zephyrianblue's avatar

Welp, my ship sunk but that's okay because Nero is my life boat. :D

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HiddenWolf's avatar

Biro must be feeling super guilty. Great art and emotions.

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Demothi|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love the misty eyes, not bawling but emotion heavy, well done giving them that much emotion without going overboard and covering up how strong they are being about it all. 10/10 would read forever, all heartbreak included.
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I'm really surprised Biro isn't going with them. The only reason he's still alive is because of Nero. Plus if he falls again, the other deer certainly aren't going to save him. 
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I would be cautious about advancing your comic art too much. One of the big comics out there was Off-white made by Akreon and Tanathe. Their comic art started off incredibly simple, but it was still plenty good enough to pull the comic together as far as characters and what was happening, and they were able to pump out a page at least once a week.
And then they started advancing their art, and their comic looked really good, but started taking longer to produce pages. Years later, and their comic is looking fantastic, but so much work goes into each page that it took almost 2 months to produce a page and their art changed so much that comparing the first page to the last looks almost like a completely different comic, the artists decided they were going to have to go back and redo all the beginning pages, before taking the many days to continue the story of their comic which was already being produced at snails pace.

Your art is very beautiful, is hard to describe your style other than simple, but organized and clean. So it's very easy to look at and read, but also doesn't seem to take you too long to produce. Your comic is definitely one of the best animal comics being produced on DA right as far as art quality and page production goes. It's always good to grow your art, but page production will bring better results to a successful story vs art quality.
What I'm trying to say is, you're already doing a really good job.

-Hope this helps something
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doeprince's avatar
Oh, I'm definitely not aiming to up my art game with this comic. If anything, I'd definitely pick an easier style if I were to redo it right now. I too value actual page production a lot more than the visual part but feel like I don't want to change into something else now that I've started. I can hope I get better at the current style and can do the same things in shorter amount of time. Buffer is a life savior.

Thanks for the sweet words! I'll try to keep at it.
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MadRainbowRabbit's avatar
Oh my gosh, are those tears? 
Now I start to cry)
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doeprince's avatar
Heh yes they are.
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AloeDreams|Hobbyist General Artist
What an amazing story so far! I'll eagerly await the next installment! :D
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doeprince's avatar
Thank you!
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Botteled-Wolf's avatar
Botteled-Wolf|Hobbyist General Artist
I really love your comic more with every page. Runi is such a good written character (they all are, but she's somewhat special) and all the emotions between the herd members are well exposed! Great work, I can't wait to read more Bambi Nod  
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Thank you! Runi unfurls a lot slower compared to Nero so it's a relief to hear people like her, too.
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