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Golden Shrike - 15

By doeprince
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It's short I know! And I'm sorry - for the longest time I planned to upload two pages this week because of the shortness of this one but... uh, someone bought Red Dead Redemption 2 and Spyro trilogy into my household and I've been a goner since then. Newly launched games are taking a toll in my activity on this comic but it's refreshing to have something actually relaxing and nice in my life for a change. There has been some tough times, these last months.

But! Despite the shortness, we got a name. You can probably figure out Nero is the grumpy brother. His working title was Harlin, and still is on parts of the script.

Next week's page will be more interesting and paired with a new character ref. I'm working on Patreon related stuff too so if you'd have any suggestions for rewards, I'd like to hear them!
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Just to be helpful, not sure if you already know, but deer do not have upper teeth! The leader didn't appear to have any a page or two ago, but then the brother seemed to have some upper teeth in the back in some of the early pages? They have a bony plate on the roof of their mouth to chew, and teeth on the bottom. :P Not trying to be rude, just help! :D I LOVE your art style, it looks fresh from some sort of professional animation! ^o^ Hope to see more!
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I never knew that and Ive hunted my whole life and never bothered to look.
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Wow, glad I could teach you something new. Happy hunting!
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No problem! I'm aware of deer teeth but I've decided to add some more for my characters to help with expressions; it's impossible to draw a casual smirk when there's just gums sticking out! Overall I try to avoid drawing front upper teeth but I've decided to overlook the lack of them for some expressions. It's more important to me to get the message across than stick very close to realism. I'm happy someone pointed it out though, it's a thing I pondered for a good while.

Thank you, glad you enjoy!
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Oh, I see! Thank you for explaining. In that case, I agree with you. :)
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I feel the emotion to it!
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Your background are always so loveellyyy and painterly ugh. *-*
Short but sweet. Still pumped for more!

Hey man if you're playing red dead on ps4 I would love to posse up some time when online releases! either way if it is ps4 then feel free to add me: pixeldeer
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Thank you!

You prolly noticed I added you! Goddamn I'm waiting for RDR Online so bad.. It'd be great to adventure together.
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Yessss pls! Beta starts for some tomorrow. We'll posse up together some time soon ! ;v; 
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My, what a great layout and nice story so far. 
I really like your style and the character designs. Very refreshing and clean. 
I am looking forward to see/
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Super glad to hear that! I'm excited to unfold this project to you all.
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Red Dead 2 for life!
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I'm liking the change of the color scheme at the bottom panel, the green-brown was starting to blend the panels together a bit.
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Yeah definitely, the backgrounds on this scene have been very washed out. It gets better!
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this is so GOOD so far 
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Glad you think so!
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Ooooh the colors on the bottom panel! :heart: Also I like that name! Definitely suits him XD
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Glad you like it! It was hard to find one that would fit him.
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It has been nice knowing you.

Rest in peace, brother, until the day you finish those two amazing games.
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Pff the upload schedule won't be changing but I had to give up on posting the extra page this week. I shall conquer!
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That's alright then. xD But some games just suck you in and next thing you know it's been 3 years.
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I really love the expression of your characters, everything is so smooth. I'm wondering, do you draw your characters and BG on the same page or do you do it separatly? 
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Thank you! Not sure if I understand what you mean by drawing them on the same page but I just fill the panels with characters first and work on the backgrounds second.
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