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The way Kasko stutters I think Nero is right but he should be a little nicer this could be a tender subject also Runi should have some more speak time

oh just tell them already!!!

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I just realised a point this panel reminds me of- the idea that your closest friends may be the ones who can bring up the most crucial parts of your character- good or bad. Perhaps i'm looking too far into this. But Kasko really channeling the idea of "Friends should accept me for who i am, and if they don't they're not real friends". Which is kinda true, however someone can accept you while also telling you "hey, i think you need to work on this, because if you don't it can negitively affect you and those around you". If someone didnt accept or care about you, they may not even bring this up and just leave. They're showing they accept you as their friend, and in order to keep you as a friend, they're telling you something they think is very important for you to preserve it, because it may be worth preserving.

Deer Psychology. It's fantastic and i love it XD

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I just love it when dA randomly unwatches people I've been watching for years...

I had 5 pages I needed to catch up on! I am not disappointed.

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No sympathy from Nero lol. Also, side question- is the voice claim video still around? If so is there a link? Heh.

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i dont get it but u can draw good

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I love a good snarly shouty deer boy.

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Thank you Nero, a sentence i never thought i'd say but i stand by it

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Genuinely great character moment and development here 100%

Runi: "We re uncomfortable because you're hiding something from us and we're seriously concerned for our safety"

Kasko: "Wow i didn't know you hated me- guess I'll go get better friends then"

Nero: "Hold my Beer."

I love this story :D

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Kasko is just low key a ‘pick me’ boy lmao

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I get that what happened might be embarrassing/painful or something you regret, but you have to understand that it's not okay to hide something that severe from your friends. Maybe you don't need to go into every detail, but a summation of what went down is prudent to get anyone to trust you.

No matter what, it will be your version of events, because we all see things only through our own eyes.

I've been there, I've felt that. I know that response of a moment of self-hatred that comes out as "everyone hates me, I guess you do too" This tells me Kasko is damaged. This is NOT a healthy way to respond to criticism and questioning. Pity party, no matter where it's coming from is either manipulation (martyrdom card) or by a damaged psyche who self-sabotages good things in their life by circulating around the idea that they are terrible and everyone thinks so. So that when someone actually questions your motives, you get proven that people think you are terrible and regress.

It's a messed up version of being egotistical, common among depressed/traumatized persons in that you only think of yourself, but all in negative ways. Woe is me, but genuine and hard to shake out of.

It remains to be seen which direction this might come from. No reason it can't be a combination too. When you are damaged, sometimes you learn maladaptive ways of dealing with it, some abusive/manipulative.

I unfortunately had a acquaintance-friend who had this issue. They were so worried about people not liking them that they were extremely two-faced, adapting to whomever at the time was "on their side" and ignoring facts to push a narrative that they are the victim. They also built an image of being a super nice person, when in reality, they are actually not due to this kind of behaviour. It sucked to realize said friend did this to themselves and clearly needed some serious psychological help for whatever past trauma made them that way.

Anyway, I am very curious to see where this side of Kasko stems from and why he's being either intentionally or unintentionally manipulative.

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Your text resonates with me, heh! No matter how easy it can be to point out the victim in fiction, it's way different in real life. There's the martyrdom card, there's the /accusation/ of martyrdom card, there's selfishness that comes with feeling valueless. It's hard to say which way is up and which down when you're in middle of it all and planning an escape.

These are some of the many issues I touch with this comic, clear or not. They're very familiar problems to me.

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Nero doesn't do "Boo Hoo" very well. You should have picked up on this Kasko xD

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Kiss kiss kiss kiss! I’m just kidding! That would be funny though!

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I might ship It actually, because I’m weird

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I agree with Nero here.

Sorry Kasko, not saying your evil.... But your giving me a certain lying vibe. I don't know, but you saying "Its ok I have other friends? That is not something, a true friend or ally would say! I want to believe you Kasko but I agree they are just being careful, they are knew to this big wide world outside of their herd, so you need to understand why they are being so cautious.


Playing oh boo hoo with nero is not going to work out just saying. I think he is either playing the pity party card or he is actually not comfortable with telling them about his past, he might be trying to move on.

BUT he might be, manipulative, also I think we need a major voice of reason here. Ahem..

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I.....I agree with nero.

it's getting obvious Kasko did something pretty bad to make his entire herd so mad at him.

that warrants an explanation whether he wants it or not, if he really wants them to trust him.

Kasko trying to play victim like he's the one being betrayed by them? that aint right. nero is right to tell him to shut up.

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Get his ass, Nero. We don't have any time for that guilt tripping nonsense. That line "If you so detest me" rubs me the wrong way.

I wonder. That "Why should we" line seems to have a good bit of bite behind it. Nero and Runi told Kasko about their past and he dared use that against Nero before. That already damaged what trust they had with him, I bet. Defense mechanism or not, he's hurt the people he called his friends and goes into "Well if you hate me I can just find other people to hang out with://" mode as a result.

Star's tines, man. All you have to do is give them a reason to trust you. Even if you don't wanna tell the whole story, I'm sure you could think of some reason they should have confidence in you. But it's hard to trust someone who openly admitted he'd abandon them the moment it looked like it's too dangerous for him.

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That's actually a really good point. You can't have your cake and eat it too. It sucks that people in real life often judge others by actions, but themselves by intent. Kasko using Nero's past against him even in jest considering how difficult the situation was isn't fair when he isn't even willing to gloss over what happened to make his herd hate him to the point of wanting him dead or at least beat up.

He likely poked fun at Nero in self-defense, to soothe his own misgivings by targeting someone with the ammunition given. A common response of people who want to cast the light on someone else's dirty laundry.

That makes me trust him less if that's his defensive response. It means he has something he wants to hide, meaning he knows what he did/what happened is pretty bad.

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Nero is done with his foolishness!

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Wow Kasko, you've being so victimizer in that phrase xD

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