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Golden Shrike - 14

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That's not the way to address the (wannabe) hero of this story!
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pshhhhhh i'm fineeeeee

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hey, buddy. you not gonna do something stupid, are you? cuz if so... let me in!
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He's gonna play the hero
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That's exactly what he's gonna do.
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Oh boy, brother dearest doesn't like that
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it sounds like a message to a certain stag ...
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That boy is gonna get himself in trouble. Or worse, killed. He's got that attitude about him and he seems to have a thick skull full of rebellio--

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Son you gon die young!
He has reached young adulthood a while ago so things are expected of him and his sister, but then again nobody magically whips up a mature personality when they turn certain age.
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He's gonna see a wolf and be like, "bro, hold my beer," and charge head first into it. xD

And that is true - maturity is something you don't get given when you turn into an adult straight away.
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XD that cracked me up
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his reaction says allot about him haha
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He's more just insulted somebody would (rightfully) ACCUSE HIM OF SUCH THINGS...
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You know wat will be unexpected: to actually obey to order.
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omg is that momma sneaak peak?!
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Momma already had a couple of lines on the previous page!
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Who wants to bet these rules are going to be broken very quickly?
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All my bucks on the yellow one.
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