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Golden Shrike - 13

By doeprince
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DIALOGUE IS HARD. I love it, I love writing banter between characters but when it comes to explaining something actually important to the audience and keeping it all true to the character and interesting to the reader (and fitting for the BUBBLES) at the same time, it's pretty hard. This scene shouldn't be a biggy but I'm nervous about future stuff, but we'll cross that bridge when it's there.

The doe on the first panel always speaks with Moominmamma's voice in my head when I write her.


Species Swap: Golden Shrike by Songdog-StrayFang A Hatred of Birds -raffle- by Songdog-StrayFang
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"There will be a few skulls, dears..."

That's not reassuring!
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ok that blue eyed doe is my favorite character in this!!!
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That brown eyed doe looks so done. Lol 
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They don't look too happy with the news haha
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"There will be but a few skulls when we return, deers."

But joking aside, this comic is marvelous! I hope to see more of it in the future^^
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Muumimamman ääni <3
Heart heart
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Höhö ainoa oikea.
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ooooooooo this is 

g r e a t
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They need to be ready.
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Oh dang, I like the pretty boy on the bottom panel, left side. Very appealing colors ^.^ 

Your dialogue is great, and facial expressions wonderful. 
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Thank you very much!
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The sad deers look so... sad and terrified! I love your deer-emotions!
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Deer faces are surprisingly hard to mess with when you're going for dramatic expressions. Glad they look good to you!
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I am loving this! Your doing great
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Thank you kindly!
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I'm a huge fan of the BBC English Moomins series aaaand now I can't unhear her voice when reading it! I think it's the whole "dears" part at the end that hits the particular brand of kind mother to everyone spot that moominmamma exhibits.

I think you do an awesome job on the dialogue! Also I've not mentioned it before but I like how you have the subtle comic boundary breaks in your pages so that rather than drawing to fit a frame, the frame fits your drawing... if that makes sense... eg like the ear from pale mr too-cool-for-you in the bottom panel. 
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Moominmamma has always been such a perfect mix of motherly softness and scary lack of concern towards her children flying to the sky on suspicious pink clouds. I love her!

Glad you like it, I've noticed there's a lack of characters breaking out of panels in later pages but I've started to pay attention to it again. Ogh too-cool. I love these makeshift names.
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This exchange between mamma and papa works so well suddenly... Dorus just being like 8'| while his son is on a cloud busy chasing his shrike amiright?! Haaaa
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Ihfdkhuhfi this summed up both characters and their relationship perfectly....
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The dialogue on this page is great as far as I'm concerned <3
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Sweet, thank you!
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