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What's this? It's a comic, something I've been up to since uh... March or April I think.

Golden Shrike is a fantasy story about sheltered deer twins getting to see the world they're inhabiting. Something has shifted in the beginning of the story, and eventually we'll get to see what unfolds. There will be deer, there will be birds. There will be plenty of cliches because some of those I just really like, so back away if you're sick and tired of heroic animals doing heroic and questionable deeds!

This is my very first serious comic attempt and I really want to commit to this, but I want to warn you that there will always be a possibility the story drops dead. So let's enjoy while it lasts! 

GS isn't directed for young audience. The story will contain the usual - violence and dark themes. My lil bambis are prone to filthy language as well. As for genre... Fantasy and adventure?

Feedback is very welcome! Keep in mind I'm still learning many things while I draw this: backgrounds, Photoshop (and my major hatred towards it), custom brushes, comic rules, time managing, BIRDS, smooth storytelling. This is a big learning experience.

This is the first of six pages of prologue. I'll attempt to update this every Friday till the prologue is gone, and once I get chapter 2 sketched, I'll start posting the first chapter regularly. Thanks for the patience and I hope you like what you see!

What a welcoming wall of text oh man.
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This comic is why I made an account here. Deers are beautiful and majestic creatures and I love them so much, I haven’t finished this story yet, but I can’t wait too. ^^