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Minty Choco pony | OC

Adopted this babu from CandyCrusher3000 and just really needed to draw her c:
I'ma draw you something in payment for her soon, I promise <3
I hope you don't mind that I altered her just slightly, making her mane made of hair and not icecream, and having the chocolate chips mostly just on the crown of her head and base of her tail, and made the cherry on top into a hair clip o:
She still doesn't have a name yet, though, but I'll come up with one soon
Mint Adoptable [CLOSED] by CandyCrusher3000
Mintychocopon Cm Copy by DoeKitty
Chip reference sheet by CandyCrusher3000

I also was trying something kind of new with thinner lines, lineless hair, and a more textured brush for the hair. This was going to be the picture for her reference sheet but I usually don't shade those, and I kind of had to with the hair heh. Guess I'll make another one later o:

Drawn on Paint Tool SAI
Drawn with Wacom Intuos Pro tablet
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omg gimme your unline skill *^*
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She looks really cute :3
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I think I should draw these two in a giant bowl of ice cream, whipped cream, cherries, and fudge sauce.
OTA - Mint Chocolate Chip Pony by SoftSerendipity

TBH though your mint chip pony is so much cuter than mine ahaha
I love the chocolate spot on her back and the scattered chocolate chips!
DoeKitty's avatar
Aaaa your pony is so so adorable! I love her colors ;u;
I think they definitely deserve to be in a Sunday together! XD
SoftSerendipity's avatar
(Late reply, I've been without internet for a couple months)
Would it be okay if I bookmarked your character and drew that idea sometime?
DoeKitty's avatar
Totally! I would absolutely love that!
And no worries, I'm generally very late with my replies as well, so I understand!
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Why is your art so amazing? >w<
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That is so cute! .0.
Candy-Cloudz's avatar
I don't mind that you changed her a bit at all <3
You drew her so beautiful <3
DoeKitty's avatar
Thank you so much for the gorgeous bab omg
I owe you stufffff
Candy-Cloudz's avatar
You really don't have to!
Remiqs22's avatar
AAh! PrettyyyyyyYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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not to be rude but im finding that she looks like my oc oop

but i love the hair, it's gorgeous!
DoeKitty's avatar
Well, it was an adoption so idk -shrug-

Thank you though! c:
ReverseLinework's avatar
Mm. You're welcome!
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