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Hibiki and Aura| Commission

Full detailed background nsfw commission for LittlepipHibiki c:
This is my first full-on nsfw commission that I've done, and I'm actually really happy with how it came out, and I hope you like it too!
Disclaimer: This is only the safe edit because dA. nsfw edit can be found on my tumblr (18+)
Drawn on Paint Tool SAI
Drawn with Wacom Intuos Pro tablet
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2214x1990px 3.59 MB
© 2017 - 2022 DoeKitty
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jasonwinchester2112's avatar
Not a fan of this
theadminguy's avatar
Man, really do like those panties and I can just imagine those panties just bring a bit wet around those areas from laying on top of each other
sammy-the-sam's avatar
those panties look so tight!! :love:

good work with the cute pony legs too :3
DaikiTheWolfTIC's avatar
Well... Would you look at that!
DoeKitty's avatar
Aa thank you Romy! <3
ZenithAstrum's avatar
Wow, really great work! Both this version and the tumblr version.
W-AV3S's avatar
mmmm so hottt
AmberKittyDraws's avatar
I actually might want to change my pixel commission to a nfsw commission from you xD but Idk what their prices are, can I note you? (again XDD )
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LittlepipHibiki's avatar
i hope some studio picks you up someday you really deserve it sitting here spreading it around all da socials x3
LittlepipHibiki's avatar
ooooooooooo this turned out splendidly! you're amazing you have improved so much over time i have followed you with all these comssions you are poping out dont overwork yourself! ;3;
conquerator2's avatar
Reeeeeeally good stuff ^_^ Thanks!
AppleScribble33's avatar

Flawless arrt!!
RichardDrawsOfficial's avatar
Pwitty luv keep up the good work
Mutio86's avatar
This turned out REALLY well! I like all of it, but I think I'm enjoying their faces the most <3
Wixi2000's avatar
Hmmm... I'd rather say that it's only suggestive, since no parts that should be hidden are shown... Looks good though. And I still love the way you draw hair.
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