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Flaming Emerald

I like the whole flat color in front of a bubble thing, so I'ma try and make a series of my next gen babs like this lol

Flaming Emerald is the daughter of Spike and Rarity. She uses fire magic to perfectly cut gemstones into intricate and beautiful shapes and designs to be used in either jewelry or clothing. She usually helps out her mother in her boutiques, but she generally works at the jewelry shop in Ponyville. She's quite sassy with a dragon-like personality and like her mother, loves beauty and fashion.
Flaming Emerald Cm by DoeKitty

Once again, I got the background off of google as a screenshot from the show because I'm lazy

Drawn on Paint Too SAI
Drawn with Wacom Intuos Pro
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She's beautiful! Sparity makes for some adorable hybrids. :D
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Such a sassy pony! :thumbsup: :)
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yaaas girl strike that pose!

super cute and glamorous, i´m loving it!
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Thank you! <3
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Cool design :3
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WOW Rarity and spike or on fire keep it up :happybounce: Love B-) (Cool) 
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wow,she is so teasing
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ima die

the colours
are soo nice ;oo;

and ye
the flat colour bubble look, is amazing

could i try it? ;o;
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Aaaa thank you!
And Yee omg do it!
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and yaay thank you!! <33
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omg sooooo cute!!!!! i was looking at it and thought it was the baby and then read it and was like AWWWWWWWWWE!!!!!!!! so cute!!!!!
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Eeee I love Sparity and she's super cute!!! ouo <3333 
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oh god that cutie tho <33
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lovely pony =)=) 
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SHE IS SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333
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Ooh very pretty!
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She is sooo beautiful xd 
LazyIcon I DON'T wanna use - 18 
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Awwww that's so cutee
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