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Watercoloring tips



Sorry this took so long! I hope this is any help haha.
There are probably gazillion typos, I'm pretty tired :'D

Here's a step-by-step watercolor by me:[link]

Guestion about color wash:
"If you put watercolor under running water wouldn't the rest of the colors wash away?"
Nope, the paper absorbs color so it won't become "like new". It depends on how dry the paint is though – wet paint will fade away more than one that has dried(dried watercolors won't even budge sometimes). You should try it out to see how it works! It's hard to explain without a camera so I could do before and after shots. It also depens on what kind of paper you use and how thickly you applied the paint.

Additional tips:
-scrunched paper/plastic wrap on wet colors=cool texture!
Example: [link]

-logically there's also DRY BRUSH ON WET PAPER. The end result is similar to wet-to-wet, but the colors won't spread as far.

-if you blow air on wet colors you can make some interesting splatters.

-using rock salt makes bigger texture!
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Thanks, it's a great tip