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Vegekaka Manga10

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Please read from the right.

This is a past recollection.


About the dialog:

Goku is recalled with Vegeta. (This page is a recollection. )

Goku speaks that.

You had unpleasant time by me on that day.

As for that, I was bad.

And, it apologizes many times.

Did you have me cut out that day hand and its foot?

However,You do not have feeling to which the injury was given by me on that day.

And, I do not have the memory at that time at all.

(These content is described more concisely. )

Always thank you for the comment. Not being possible to reply one by one is
very regrettable.

However, everything is neatly read.
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YuvenaHobbyist Digital Artist
It's so amazing... Goku looks like a GOD!!!:jawdrop:
AnimeWowNerd's avatar
OMG! IT'S SUPERMAN! Wait...He's Blonde....OMG IT'S GOKU!
Wow this is beautiful.
MrsDBZbabe's avatar
:jawdrop: not english
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Gooooooood does somebody knows what are they saying??!!! I need to know!! this is so addictive I must know!!!

tigersblueeyes's avatar
i don´t understand japanese... but the pics show so much expressions and emos... marvelous
Chuquita's avatar
WHOA!! :omg:
Goku is spooky! In a cool, ethereal kinda way.
Puppyshipping-is-Luv's avatar
Your shading is MARVELOUS. My GOODNESS I've never seen such a haunting/beautiful picture of SSJGoku before!!
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cowcat44Student Traditional Artist
wow.:wow:georgous love the expressions.
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monicalynnevallejoHobbyist Artist
SO beautiful!!
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StarbearerTMHobbyist Traditional Artist
Absolutely amazing job with the art!
AzuraNagomii's avatar
Holy crap this is absolutely stunning. o___o
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:wow: This is sooo beautiful... and haunting... and stunning... and gorgeous... :omg:

:blush: I think I'm ranting here... Wonderful art!!! :love:
XxChiChixX's avatar
:omg: Goku is gorgeous...

I love the soft suggestions of lighting you painted in the first two panels and the entire page is drawn beautifully. I also really like how the glass shards are almost suspended in mid-air around him in the second panel. It really has such a magical/suspenseful feel to it!

O.O But what's wrong with him???
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pixelgoddessHobbyist Writer
I'd be stunned too if a naked SSJ Goku came walking towards me. :D
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Vee-FreakHobbyist Traditional Artist
stunning. If only I knew how to read Japanese then perhaps I'd understand what's going on. Nevertheless, I'll admire your lovely artwork and allow my imagination to fill in the gaps. Keep up the good work!
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it's stunning O_O

how ARE YOU ABLE to do stuff like this? too amazing!! :heart: :heart:
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KajuneHobbyist Traditional Artist
Nei-Ning's avatar
Nei-NingHobbyist General Artist
Wow... I really wonder what's wrong with Goku... Vegeta seems to be really surprised also.

Great page! I love Goku's expressions! :love:
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