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Jaime Lannister

"There are no men like me.There's only me."

♥ for Kingslayers, but honestly! Why didn't somebody shoot me while I drew this?! ;A; I started full of enthusiasm, because this is my first try on doing a digital Portrait.
But then... Oh my Gosh, who insane person did the last update for Gimp?! Ok. I never loved Gimp from the start, because it's not as easy to use as other programs (in my opinion), it needs to much time to put filters on Pictures and has no beautiful interface. Ok. Who needs a beautiful program? we need beautiful pictures, but when they announced that Gimp finally went to an one window interface I updated... Why the fuck did I do that?! ;A;
The bar where you can define the size of the brush is made for an 1000 dpi picture or sth. I drew 300, a4 and I swear it took more time sizing the brush than drawing! The text tool is most crap and THE WORST is, that I can't draw proper hair, because it can't deal size pressure with the brush even though I have a bamboo and that should be one of the most common tablets shouldn't it?
I apologize for don't going into detail that much, but I was so pissed, I just wanted it to be done /D No digital artwork from me until I got the old Gimp back /D

Leather Texture by [link]
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Ok, Dodo! This is absolutely great! Congratulations!