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To commission me, either send me the YCH that you commented on, or send me a note with:

2. Traditional/digital
3. What kind of commission
    Headshot: small/large
    Half-body: small/large    
    Full-body: small/large
    Scene: description of the scene
    Comic: description of comic
4. How many characters:
5. Reference sheet(s):
6. Brief character description (personality, height, hobbies, etc.):
7. PayPal and address (if traditional): 

Will draw:
1. Any species
3. Gore/violent situations
4. Some kinks, mild fetishes
5. Straight couples
6. Male or female characters

Won't draw:
1. NSFW gay/lesbian couples
2. Trans/herm/genderfluid characters
3. Hardcore fetishes
4. Bestiality (animals with people)
5. Feral NSFW (with the exception of dragons)
6. NSFW cartoon/game/movie characters
7. Butt stuff 

1. I have the right to refuse a commission I am not comfortable drawing or don't have time for.
2. You have the right to repost with credit and use your commission in any non-profit way.
3. Do NOT claim the art as your own
4. I am not responsible for the postal services. If your commissions are lost in the mail, you will be refunded for the shipping, and a scanned copy will be emailed to you/printed and mailed to you with shipping.
5. No refunds

What I'll do is quickly sketch out your idea, and if you approve it I'll send an invoice. OR I can draw it without the pre-approved sketch (so a bit of a surprise then). I expect payment within 24 hours after sending the invoice, if you can't please let me know before hand. I will not begin the official drawing until I receive payment. 

I can charge extra for:
1. Extremely detailed characters
2. Complex backgrounds
3. Detailed/complicated weapons, jewelry, or clothing
4. Machines/cars/high-tech gadgets
5. Extra animals/pets/characters or scenes