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Wynter's Ref by Dodgesmiley Wynter's Ref by Dodgesmiley
Bio: Wynter is your typical Siren, using her magical voice to lure men to their deaths (and *hacks lung* other things *evil laugh*). This is the way men see her when they are under her charm (also how y'all will see her most often, probably lol). She also has her natural form, that anyone unaffected by her spell sees, which I will post when I finish coloring it XD. She wasn't always a Siren. Lured into the lie of white magic, her practice of witchcraft corrupted her soul and transformed her into the hideous beast she is now. A powerful Siren, she now leads the Siren army in the war against Nhylus's kingdom, thirsty for power and blood. Wynter uses her voice to lure unsuspecting men/mermen to their doom, able to sway entire armies with her song. Only those pure of heart and strong in faith are able to resist her hypnotic charm. 

Name: Wynter 

Species: Siren
Animal/anthro or both:
Gender: female


- Eyes: Deep forest and emerald green, black like shark eyes in her natural form
- Main color coat: cotton pearl (E00 copic), coral sea (BG23 copic), red, orange, yellow and dark blue. In her natural form: gray skin, muted and uglier versions of the aforementioned colors. 
- Hair or mane: white
- Tattoos: none
- Scars: none
- Physical particularities: 

Personality: Seductive, charming, wicked, vicious, self-serving, lusting for power (among other things)
Jewelry or clothing: none
Preferred mood or theme: seductive, haunting, steamy, or violent, if in her natural form
Preferred enviroment: Underwater, on the beach, coral reefs (tropical or not), shipwrecks--ya know, Siren stuff lol

Any other reference images:  Img 20171225 025301 by Dodgesmiley(<--wip of her natural form)  Secret Santa Gift for Flashing.Unicorn by Dodgesmiley(<--top added to make it clean lol)

Available for Mature Content: yes
Anything else that should be known:
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Submitted on
December 30, 2017
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