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Valentines Day YCH by Dodgesmiley Valentines Day YCH by Dodgesmiley
Okay, so I am in desperate need of a new phone lol 
and I mean DESPERATE, like, all the apps lag and crash--including my keyboard, which crashes on a regular basis, making it difficult to text people and post things on instagram or facebook. Plus the microphone is also shot, so I can't make calls, can't use talk-to-text, can't do anything really except record videos, because for some reason my microphone works with my camera O.o 
So anyways, I am about $300 or so short, which is not good haha so I will be making a few YCHs for y'all, and I really really hope you like them because I have no other source of income at the moment (although I have applied for a few jobs so hopefully that'll change soon)

Comment below or shoot me a note if you're interested in commissioning me! This particular YCH is a maleXfemale human/humanoid/anthro furry YCH, sfw or nsfw, and will be laminated and mailed to you for $8, and backed for an additional $0.25-$1 (depending on the backing). A keychain would be $0.50, if you want one ^-^ 

My regular commissions are also open, I will make a post with my prices in a wee bit

PAYMENT VIA: PayPal or snail mail

Thanks to those who read this far lol XD
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January 18, 2017
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