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The Magician's Ref by Dodgesmiley The Magician's Ref by Dodgesmiley
Made a new ref of the Magician using that YCH that never would've sold in the first place 😂 his other refs sucked anyways, I'm also gonna redo Ajay's and Maya's because i like this format better lol

Name: ??? 'The Magician'

Height: 6'4"

Bio: The Magician is a sly, clever con man who deals with the wishes of unsuspecting people. He promises to fulfill their dreams for a price--usually a favor, which he redeems at the most inconvenient times, and is usually something no human can do. If you cannot fulfill what he asks of you, then he kills you and 'absorbs your energy' (not your soul), making him stronger. He is charming, convincing, and a bit of a man whore (ew :P), but is a borderline psychopath. The halo is kept above his head by magic to give people the impression of an Angel, but he is far from one. He uses magic to "conjure" up inanimate objects (money, toys, etc.) And can also make them disappear. Both his jackets (DM about the second one) are 'magic', so although he can hide his wings without them, the jackets make it so no one bumps into them, and they don't cast shadows. A deadly serial killer with a dark past and a lust for power, the Magician cares for no one and helps only himself.

Name: The Magician
Species: ???
Animal/anthro or both: human...?
Gender: Male

- Eyes: Blue
- Main color coat: Blue, black, brown, gray
- Hair or mane: Brown
- Tattoos: none
- Scars: yes (optional, he can hide them)
- Physical particularities: pointy ears?

Personality: Charming, gentlemanly (sometimes), flirty, manwhore (XP), selfish, powerful, wicked, can be vicious, cruel, murderous
Jewelry or clothing: Blue coat, black pants. Sometimes a white coat. Halo (optional; he uses it to trick people into thinking he's an angel)
Preferred mood or theme: murderous, tricky (like he's tricking someone), haunted (by his past/regret), hot/steamy (you know what I mean), threatening. Any of these, or a mix of two or three, you don't have to try and cram everything into one
Preferred environment: dark places (alleys, parking lots), hotel rooms, woods, cars, caves--pretty much anywhere to be honest, he travels a lot

Any other reference images: M2 by Dodgesmiley (<-- art by Maorenc on Instagram)

Available for Mature Content: *cough* yup

Anything else that should be known: His scars are optional (if you can even see them), his wings and halo are optional, although wings are preferred to be visible.
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December 29, 2017
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