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Smileyscommissioninfo/TOS by Dodgesmiley Smileyscommissioninfo/TOS by Dodgesmiley
Here are my commission prices ^-^ Read below for my TOS
(Exceptions include the occasional underpriced YCH lol)

For regular commissions: 
You can NOT back out after the drawing has been colored: once your drawing is colored, the commission is set is stone, and I will file a claim on PayPal and make a beware post about you if you try to back out then. However, you can back out anytime before (i.e. when it's just sketched out or when it's lined). 

For YCHs:
You can NOT back out once the drawing is lined (because once it's lined, I can no longer use that YCH for anyone else, and I lose money). If you do, the consequences are the same as those mentioned above. 

For NSFW commissions (or in any way romantic lol):
Will NOT do: boyXboy, girlXgirl, femdom, trans stuffs, hentai, besteality, bondage, feral smut, or fetishes :P 
WILL do: Gore, girlXboy, shnuggles (or more than shnuggles, if ya know what I mean ;D) preferrably only human ships, but for commissions anthro furry ships are okay as well

For SFW: 
Will NOT do: boyXboy/girlXgirl/humanXanimal (<-- romantically, at least (sorry :O) non-romantic is tots okay)
WILL do: pretty much anything that's sfw, humans, dragons, wolves (and other canines), felines, snakes, crocodiles, dolphins--pretty much any animal, although I am best with canines and dragons.

Shipping: Shipping is free for national and *international commissions
*international shipping costs an extra $2 for commissions under $10 only

SPECIAL: I will take $5 off of each additional drawing after the first one. For example: A full-body and a half-body together would be $35, but instead is $30. *this only works on package commissions, the offer expires after 3 days. If you purchase two or more drawings at the same time, you get five dollars off of each addittional drawing. However, if you buy one piece of artwork from me one day, and then three days later, you make another purchase, you pay full price for both drawings.

If you have any questions let me know :D 

*above commission prices apply to fully colored, fully shaded traditional drawings only. Send me a note if you are interested in a sketch commission

Commissions are currently open full-time
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