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Silvertongue's Ref by Dodgesmiley Silvertongue's Ref by Dodgesmiley
Argentum Linguas are a CLOSED species, please do not draw/create one without permission, thank you :) 

This is Silvertongue! 

- Eyes: None (black sockets)
- Main color coat: Light blue, copic peony, pink (copic rv25), green (prismacolor PB165), yellow, dark blue, (copic B69) stratospheric blue, red, orange, white
- Hair or mane: Yellowish-white
- Tattoos: none
- Scars: none
- Physical particularities: Skull Face, barbed tongue tip filled with mercury

Personality: Charming, gentlemanly, ladies man, slightly reckless, caring, loves his friends (best friend is Leviathan), powerful, friendly
Jewelry or clothing: none
Preferred mood or theme: flirty (but in a gentlemanly way), happy, adventure, or even fighting
Preferred environment: Jungle or rain forest, but the edge of a desert is cool too

Any other reference images: 
Silvertongue by Dodgesmiley  Silvertongue Snarkle by Dodgesmiley

Available for Mature Content: Nope

Anything else that should be known: he is 15 feet tall from foot to shoulder, his wingspan is a little longer than double that. 45 feet from nose to tail. He has 15 half circles down his tail, 17 spots (on either side of each half circle), and 12 stripes, with 11 feathers at the end of his tail (because he's male) and 10 spots around his eye XD
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December 29, 2017
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