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Riptide's Ref by Dodgesmiley Riptide's Ref by Dodgesmiley
Age: 23 earth years, but he spent 6 earth years on his home planet, which has years that are twice as long, and he continues to count his age as though he still lives there. If you ask him, he will say he is almost 12

Bio: Riptide comes from a distant water planet somewhere in the Kepler Verge. Caught in a whirlpool at a young age, he was sucked through an "interplanetary" wormhole that teleported him into the Pacific Ocean, where he's been searching for a way back ever since. He is shy and moody, but if theres a chance you can get him home, he'll immediately offer his friendship and protection. 
He can swim at speeds up to 150 mph, and usually hides out in hurricanes and waterspouts and other sea storms, hoping to get sucked back to his planet. Occasionally he'll help a human or two who are caught in the storm.

He can walk on land, but his webbed feet make it a bit uncomfortable for him, and he prefers the water. His right eye was gouged out when he got here, as the wormhole shot him out into a reef, where he crashed into the coral. 

Name: Riptide

Species: Some kind of Alien
Animal/anthro or both: Feral (although curious to see an anthro attempt lol)
Gender: Male


- Eyes: glowing yellow, with a white pupil
- Main color coat: Dark blue, gray, light blue, yellow
- Hair or mane: light blue fins
- Tattoos: none
- Scars: scars over where his eye used to be
- Physical particularities: Missing his right eye

Personality: Curious, tough, desperate to get home, helpful, kind
Jewelry or clothing: none
Preferred mood or theme: exploring, missing home, sad, lonely, curious
Preferred enviroment: Coral reefs, tropical or otherwise. Underwater caves, sea storms of any kind

Any other reference images:  Riptide by Dodgesmiley Desparate Times, Desparate Measures 001 by Dodgesmiley He a big boi

Available for Mature Content: nope
Anything else that should be known: All the little yellow tips glow, as do his eyes and his "lantern" on his forehead XD he has a pale blue stripe that travels the length of his spine, and his talons are the same color.
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December 29, 2017
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