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Nyxia's Ref by Dodgesmiley Nyxia's Ref by Dodgesmiley
Bio: Nyxia is basically part dragon part wolf, but her kind is just as old as the dragons. She lives alone, but her adopted parents and siblings live only a half hour away in their own den. Having experienced a traumatic event during her younger years, Nyxia is cold, sarcastic, and far from friendly. She's alert at all time, constantly aware of her surroundings. Because of this, she learns a lot more than most others, but she doesn't often share her knowledge, as she doesn't speak to others very much unless she has to. Fierce and strong while hunting, Nyxia would make a great partner and friend--if you're patient and can convince her to talk to you :) 

Name: Nyxia
Species: dragon/wolf hybrid
Animal/anthro or both: feral
Gender: female


- Eyes: Glowing blue
- Main color coat: Black, blue, and purple
- Hair or mane: 
- Tattoos: Sort of--she has glowing blue markings all over her body, shown on her ref. They're on her skin, but are not tattoos.
- Scars: none
- Physical particularities: 

Personality: grumpy, cynical, easily irritated, cold, aggressive if you don't leave her alone
Jewelry or clothing: none
Preferred mood or theme: Grumpy, cynical, annoyed
Preferred enviroment: Forest or mountains

Any other reference images:  Nyxia (2) by Dodgesmiley

Available for Mature Content: Nope
Anything else that should be known: nah
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December 29, 2017
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