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Nhylus's Ref by Dodgesmiley Nhylus's Ref by Dodgesmiley
Name: Nhylus

Age: 22

Bio: the youngest member of the royal family, Nhylus was Captain of the Guard (basically head general) of his brother's army at the age of 18. Skilled in both the ways of the sword and of politics, this young veteran lead his army into several victories during his short 3 years as their general, with fewest casualties possible (their kingdom is at war with the Sirens 😉). However, when he turned 21, he was forced onto the throne by his brother's sudden death, leaving him with the responsibility of the entire kingdom. The advisers opposed his reign, as they considered him too young, but in a few short months Nhylus had the kingdom not only rebuilding, but expanding, pushing the Sirens back into the deep. His wit and policies outranked his brother's by a long shot, but he'll never admit to it. 
A year after he took the throne, Nhylus vanished from the palace. The head adviser took his place while the army searched the kingdom, but he was nowhere to be found. Under the adviser's rule, the kingdom crumbled in a matter of months. The Sirens returned, bloodthirsty as ever, and the entire kingdom mourned the loss of their young king.


Name: Nhylus
Species: Merman
Animal/anthro or both: an...thro?
Gender: Male

- Eyes: Deep, glowing blue-green
- Main color coat: 
- Hair or mane: Black
- Tattoos: sea dragon tattoo on his left shoulder blade
- Scars: none (yet, duh Duh DUUUUH)
- Physical particularities: 11 spines down his back, 3 on either side of the end of his tail, webbed fingers

Personality: Brave, generous, brilliant, caring, kind, strong, reserved, selfless to a fault, self-doubting, great leader, warrior
Jewelry or clothing: Crown (optional), Sword (optional), Belt-type thing (also optional, and not yet pictured)
Preferred mood or theme: Dark, mysterious, violent or moody. He is a king, perhaps in an underwater throne room, or on the battlefield, for when he was a General. Or what would be awesome is if y'all use your imagination and guess where he is rn, and/or why he left ;D I wanna see people's theories
Preferred environment: Underwater, in caves, on the beach, coral reefs (tropical or otherwise) 

Any other reference images:  Nhylus's eyes by Dodgesmiley Nhylus and his Brother by Dodgesmiley Nhylus by Dodgesmiley Where is Nhylus by Dodgesmiley Nhylus's Tattoo by Dodgesmiley

Available for Mature Content: Nah, or maybe I guess it depends on what kind, like nothing nasty for this dood, he's decent lol

Anything else that should be known: The dark stripes and ovals on his tail are dark blue/purple, not black or gray :D 
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He looks so awesome!
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Thank you X3 I'm curious tho, What exactly is your group? Is it like a group who does trades or just a group who fangirls over mermen? Lol does it have a function? (I can't see it on the DA app, for some dumb reason it doesn't load groups 😒)
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DA app doesn't have groups?! Wtf?

Anyway, my group is just for merman fans. I also make a monthly journal for people to advertise commissions. Just a simple group. =3
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Noice lol
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