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Enumclaw's Ref by Dodgesmiley Enumclaw's Ref by Dodgesmiley
Name: Enumclaw (means "place where evil spirits dwell" in a Native American language)

Bio: Enumclaw is a lone Arctic Banshee who don't need no man (lol) she's strong and independent, and is perfectly capable of defending herself. Suffering from a tragic backstory (which I might get into later) Enumclaw keeps her distance from others, her cold and commanding demeanor making others not want to get close. However, despite how closed off she is, she does not have a heart of stone. She tries to, but she still feels for those around her, which makes it difficult for her to shut her emotions away from the world. She usually shares these feelings with her cousin, Crescent, who is her closest friend, and whom she trusts the most.

Name: Enumclaw
Species: Arctic Banshee (closed)
Animal/anthro or both: feral
Gender: Female


- Eyes:
- Main color coat: white, muave shadow, light blue, silver
- Hair or mane: Black (though not really mane, they are porcupine quills down her back)
- Tattoos: none
- Scars: none
- Physical particularities: silver tipped ears

Personality: grumpy, cold, critical, snarky, keeps to herself
Jewelry or clothing: none
Preferred mood or theme: grumpy, indignant, hunting, trudging through snow, grump floof if chibi, snarly, vicious, fighting
Preferred enviroment: Tundra, snowy mountains, snowy forest (like Alaska or something)

Any other reference images:  Enumclaw by Dodgesmiley

Available for Mature Content: Nope 

Anything else that should be known: Her feathers are light purple, not gray/white. The color just doesn't show up in any pics :P Muave Shadow copic, if you'd like to know exact color.

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December 29, 2017
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