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Dr. Arronax Baylock  by Dodgesmiley Dr. Arronax Baylock  by Dodgesmiley
"Come with me I'll show you how to be a metal man...." heheh heavily inspired by Brass Goggles by Steampowered Girrafe XD
Name: Dr. Arronax Baylock

Sex: Male

Age: he was born 1842, you do the math lol

Height: 6'6"

Bio: Arronax was a very smol man, born and raised in the South with Christian conservative values--which was extremely difficult during the civil war. Unusually intelligent, Arronax excelled in school--particularly when anything mechanical or medical was involved. However, when the Civil War began, he gave up college and enlisted in the army in 1861, where served as a doctor/double agent for the Union, until he was caught in 1864. He was rescued by the wife of a Confederate general, Lenore, after she shot her husband for trying to force himself on her (It was an arranged marriage, she hated his guts lol). Lenore helped Arronax escape to the North. There he recovered in Boston, but the war ended before he could reenlist--which is for the best, as the it scarred him deeply (being a doctor back then was AWFUL). He married Lenore in 1866, and they remained happily married until she died of consumption in 1878. He worked as hard as he could to find a cure, but was unsuccessful. No one knew what she died of, but when Arronax started showing symptoms, the city of Boston forced him to leave. Having witnessed firsthand the effects of his wife's disease, he grew paranoid and terrified of death. He designed for himself a mechanical body, fusing the metal with magic and transferring himself mind and soul into the 6'6" stainless steel automaton. His heart is mechanical, his lungs and most other organs are Kevlar, but his tongue is real (so he can still taste food lol). The magic allows for him to feel as though he has nerves, and it preserves the organs that are real. His hands are unfinished which makes it incredibly difficult to pick certain things up unless he has gloves (he'll get around to finishing them later). A wire snapped a few years later (another something he'll around to fixing later) and so he requires a cane to walk, and a flame-retardant patch on all his pants to keep any sparks from setting his pants on fire lol.

Without Lenore to help him with his PTSD, he went borderline Sweeny Todd; slightly nuts, but not really a bad guy. He doesn't perform surgery on those who don't need it, but they might end up with a mechanical apendage that they did not ask for.

(See more on Instagram ^-^ @dodgesmiley)

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January 25, 2017
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