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Cryptic's Ref by Dodgesmiley Cryptic's Ref by Dodgesmiley
Age: 20

Bio: Cryptic travels the world alone. Living as a rogue bounty hunter, he carries out missions for clients who need something a little more than what the authorities can give. Cryptic is feirce and strong, but quiet and loyal to a fault. He has no real friends (except Jäger, who he grew up with), but he has many acquaintances and informants scattered across the globe. A wolf of little words, Cryptic wants only to be alone, not having to worry about being betrayed again.

Name: Cryptic
Species: Dragon/wolf hybrid
Animal/anthro or both: Feral
Gender: Male


- Eyes: Gold
- Main color coat: Silver, light blue, white, gold
- Hair or mane: none
- Tattoos: none
- Scars: Two over his left eye, one on his snout (shaped like an upside-down checkmark)
- Physical particularities: 

Personality: Strong silent type, loyal, honest, doesn't ask questions, kind of haughty in a sense he silently judges you but doesn't say anything about it
Jewelry or clothing: none
Preferred mood or theme: Cold, haughty, sad, hunting
Preferred enviroment: Forest, mountains--pretty much any environment, any place, but not often with people

Any other reference images:  Cryptic Digital Attempt 001 by Dodgesmiley Cryptic by Dodgesmiley

Available for Mature Content: No
Anything else that should be known: He has ONE scar on his nose, not two. Please for the love of God don't draw two lol
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December 29, 2017
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