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Craving the Spotlight by Dodgesmiley Craving the Spotlight by Dodgesmiley
This is my entry for the Split Shattered Self contest! I read and reread the rules a few times, so I'm not sure why I'm still so freaking worried lol the shortest length is 1932 pixels, and I saw the minimum was app. 2000 so I really hope this is okay :O I spent a tone of time on this, it's done with paint and a little bit of copics. No matter how many pictures I took, the light always hit it just right so that it did this weird thing to the painting, so I hope it's less noticeable here on DA :/ 

So pretty much what I was going for here was to try and show how Kevin is overwhelmed by all of his personalities, who are all hiding just beneath the surface, waiting for their chance in the 'spotlight'--or forcing there way to it. I added in all the specific personalities that I knew of; Dennis, sitting there staring because I wasn't sure what else he'd be doing lol I was going to draw him with some freaky magazine but then I was like "nah, this doesn't need to be nasty :P". Plus since he's OCD maybe he can't stand the chaos behind him so he's turned his back on it? Idk. Then there's Patricia, who I put behind Kevin--I was trying to make him look more idk motherly or something but really he just looks kind of creepy haha. I figured since Jade is diabetic, maybe he was more easily overpowered by the Beast, so that's him on the ground beneath that weirdo. Speaking of, since the Beast is kind of like this super human dood I made him look a little more inhuman, to try and signify that he's a little more/worse than all the rest. Also I have Hedwig in there, hiding in his hood, and Orwell reading a book because.... well I actually don't know lol I just read he was some kind of scholar so I figured he should be doing something scholarly? And Barry is there, kind of just staring because he's been pushed aside by the Dennis, Patricia, and Hedwig (kind of?) and now the Beast is almost free and he's just kind of in shock or something. The rest of Kevin's personalities I kind of took some liberty with, as I wasn't sure what all of them were. I wanted to do all 24, but I ran out of space and ideas, so there are only 18--unless you count his face, but I am not sure what personality he'd be? 
I figured since Hedwig is 9, Kevin probably has a few other personalities that are children as well, so I added the toddler in the pajamas, and the 5-6 year old sucking his thumb. Plus since Barry is a fashion designer, maybe another of his personalities is another type of artist--a painter. And since the beast is so strong, it makes sense that one of Kevin's personalities is a body builder of some kind. I also figured maybe at least one more of his other personalities is a killer, hence the dood with the gun in the back. And naturally one of his personalities had to be some badass biker guy lol and I also made one of his personalities a drunk, because why not? Perhaps that personality was created as a way to cope with his past or something, like he thought he could drink his pain away. Also one guy is a like, Senator or something (like not really but maybe it's something that personality plans on becoming someday?), and one is a businessman, like maybe he's successful but also pinched for time, so he's impatiently waiting for his turn in the spotlight.
Anyways, I hope this is okay :O I am a little disappointed in it myself, painting is not my strong suit--hopefully I can enter one more time, if I have the time. I tried to show Kevin's stress, trying to keep all the personalities behind him, to keep the Beast at bay, with Patricia trying to convince him to let the Beast out. Like he's all alone, because there are few others who can understand his struggle. 
I guess I'm hoping to be at least a semi-finalist, because with a DA core membership I can finally fix my stupid mispelled username lol X,D
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