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Wotan | Stag | Renegade

By DodgerMD

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Basic Information:

Name: Wotan - nordic god
Former Name: Skoll - a nordic lore figure

Nicknames: Lucky Hobo, Uncle, Old Man

Gender: Stag

Age: 32 years, born 746 of the New Age

Height: 12.3hh

Build: Heavy
Reference WITHOUT rack: 
Woatnsketch by DodgerMD

Phenotype: Melanistic Brown Dun Restricted Fawn

Genotype: EE/AtAt/nD/nM/fwfw/RxRx

Eye Colour: brown

Design Sheet: Fawnlings February 2014 Blackwood Imports

Herd: Blackwood Renegade

Rank: King Hobo Uncle

Bloodline: 100% Blackwood

Magic Type: Black


Average height for a Blackwood stag, Wotan doesn't quite stand as tall as some other members of the dark woods. He however makes up for this with muscle! He's a beefy, buff tank of nothing, but pure power underneath a layer of fur and skin. Every inch of him seems to be trained to it's max and despite his not-so-outstanding height, he still is a sight to behold. It's clear to see he used to be in excellent shape, but due to the rough time he has been in lately he's a lot more skinny in an unhealthy way. After having been spending time in good care with Frigg and her friends as well as maybe having developed a slight-not-so-slight little issue with comfort eating, Wotan has sported himself quite a bit of a belly. He's not obese by all means, but it'd be a lie to not say he's pretty round at the middle. He has large hooves with tufts.
Broad, simple, but useful. Wotan's rack basically is a crown of two shovels with a spiked horn on his forehead adding to it as his main weapon. He likes to sharpen the edges of his rack.
Skoll keeps his hair in a short mowhawk, as he feels long hair is no good for fighting, because it gets in the way easily.
Wotan keeps his mane short, but other than that puts not much care into it, which is why his mane is usually quite messy and often flopping over onto his forehead.
The stag's redish-chestnut brown eyes sparkle with intelligence. They are always awake and seem to contantly carry a bit of a teasing spark of general amusement within them. In some way, it looks like he's always joking or not exactly bothered by pretty much any situation. Once there was the proud spark of a king in them, right now they mostly look tired and exhausted. Deep inside however, there still is the kind and noble spark of a true king hidden. 

His dark coat is thick and rough, a ruff around his neck. He however sprouts no very long extra hair, which he is quite grateful for, as again, he feels those kinda things just get in the way of a real fighter. Matted and shaggy Wotan's coat really is a smelly mess and looks anything, but healthy. Wotan's coat is still scruffy and shaggy, but looks a lot healthier again. It's thick and wirey.
A small scratch on his nose from the fight with Gollun and a scar from Deyanira's horn on his left side. The fall also added a big scar over his head as well as one on his back and some smaller ones all over his body. The biggest scar he has however is probably the scar left in his soul. He likes to claim the scar on his back and the injury it's from cause him nasty backaches - of course  the fact he might've gained quite some weight has nothing to do with it however.
owns a white wolf's pelt and 5 golden rings. He rarely wears them these days, though.
Wotan has a deep, rumbling voice. He however mostly has an amused tone to himself, making it appear he hardly is taking anything or anyone serious. His tone is usually annoyed, frustrated or tired matching his general grumpy attitude. He hardly shouts or gets loud, but if he does he sure does get one's attention.
Voice Actor: 
Jake Johnson

- none -

Skoll | Old Personality | Birth - Winter 772
Wotan used to be a king, now he's nobody. Skoll died that day on the cliffside and Wotan doesn't know why Ùir didn't take him with her. He's lost and frustrated as well as tired of his existance. He doesn't understand why the goddess he served so loyaly for so long treats him like thiss. He felt that he made it from the very bottom to the very top, just to be tossed down at the very bottom again. He believed all his life that everything happens for a reason and that Ùir had a plan for everyone, but right now he finds himself starting to doubt it...
After he recovered thanks to Frigg and her friends, Wotan somehow dropped all his ambition on the way, it seems. His biggest hobbies these days including eating, sleeping and generally lazing about - yet, he at least seems somewhat contect with himself again, accepting his apparent failure towards his goddess.

Sire: Varr (NPC) *deceased*
Dam: Anita (NPC) *deceased*


Love Interest:

Does that claimed him:
Lira (NPC)
Ziya Zathura

Bullet; Blue Fenrir (NPC) - deceased
Bullet; Pink Skjalddas (adopted)
Bullet; Pink Ashka
Bullet; Blue Valko
Bullet; Pink Eris
Bullet; Pink Behemoth
Bullet; Blue Daithi 
Bullet; Pink Hannibal
Bullet; Pink Skala
Bullet; Pink Zairaya
Bullet; Pink Ammit

Skoll | Old History | Birth - Winter 772
The first thing Wotan remembers his water and cold, pain and darkness. He remembers a certain comfortable silence suddenly taking over. Ready to be taken by the Mother he served all his life he however just heard her voice. Her gentle, soft voce, yet speaking such cruel words. "Not yet." was all she said and the noise and the pain returned and Wotan did what he always had done his entire life, he began to fight!
Dragging himself to the riverbank he crawled out of the deadly waters and somehow managed to keep on going. He didn't know where he was or where he was going, but he kept on going until he eventually collapsed in the snow, just hoping to finally be allowed to die. Yet, he wasn't. 
A soft light once more ripped him back into the world of the mortals, a kind young doe and her pesky animal companion took him in and treated him with unbearable sweetness and hospitality. And that is how he ended up where he is now, lost, tired and confused and not knowing what to do or why he still is alive. 
Thanks to Frigg and her friends Wotan managed to recover and find content in himself again, even if it mostly consists of lazing about, eating and sleeping. Frigg eventually got him a job as bouncer for Ambriel's pub, which he is pretty good at. Mostly known as the grumpy, but kind chubby guy from The Fiery Doe he makes himself quite a comfortable living obviously having maybe lost his perfect shape, but not his charms. 

Skill Points:

Speed: 5 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 5 points max)
Stamina: 50 [Master Level] 
Strength: 50 [Master Level]

    - 50 Necromancy [inborn] [Master Level]  It's Confirmed! by mule-deer
    - 50 Possession [learned] [Master Level]  It's Confirmed! by mule-deer
Herbs: 24[Advanced Level]

Experience: 25


+4 stamina - base bonus
+8 strength - base bonus
+2 speed - starter bonus
+7 possession magic - starter bonus
+2 herbs - starter bonus

Skillpoints Breakdown

Wotan's Timeline

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Well......He's looking a...little bit better...
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Least rounder. Lol.
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Yeah, poor guy. I guess Úir decided to challenge her dutiful son, I wonder what path this decision will lead our grumpy Wotan?
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Who knows, who knows... ;3
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You are such a tease!
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always the cutie!
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The cutest squish. ;3
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Er sieht so arm aus :'C Ich will ihn drücken :'C
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Er hat auch alle liebe nötig die er kriegen kann. DX
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Aww er kann Tibbi treffen? ;3; Die hat alle lieb o3o Villt erschreckt er sie erst nen bissl, aber ich glaub so leicht lässt sie sich net verschrecken von nem hobo onkel der definitiv Lübbe braucht Q3Q
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Aber klar! Das wäre bestimmt niedlich mit den beiden. <3
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Dann muss sie ihn treffen und drückt ihn ganz lieb von mir ;3;
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Und er nur: TT_TT
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Naww QnQ Dann drückt sie ihn direkt nochmal und hofft das machts besser ;3;
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Während er ekelhaft Äpfel in sich rein schiebt.

#frustfressen XD
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Wow, he is now a really hairy fellow now.
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He always has been fluffy - now his fluff is just also super messy. DX
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Poor precious boy ;w;
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*tosses all the love at him*
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Wotan: -absorbs-
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*cuddles the poor baby*
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