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Name: Grendel
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Height: 36"
Weight: 110
Build: Very tall, but due to his disability it's doing him not much good, aside being able to tower over others in hopes to intimidate them and them not noticing they could probably push him over with one paw, slightly crooked back, right hindleg is always in an awkward angle, no movement in tail, usually quite shaggy, but no unhealthy coat, yellow, very expressive eyes.

Territory: Fellfang
Family: Loreley
Rank: Aldinwitch


Grendel is an outstandingly smart and educated wolf. If there is a question, it is very likely he will know an answer to it.
He is not just clever though, but also has quite impressive social skills, if he wants to. He can be very understanding and charming, but also very harsh and hurtful. Usually he acts kind and friendly towards other wolves though. He is usually very polite, even though also having a bit of an odd way to put things, he is known to always joke around and make fun of his own disability, while the same time very well knowing how to use it to his advantage and playing out the sympathy card on others.
He is very patient and humorous, but easiely loses his patience with wolves he decides are way below his intelligence and might even act rather unfriendly towards them. To his friends he is a most loyal companion, who will do all he can to help them, if they are in need. He also is a great listener and usually has a good advice to give. He only helps others for a price, but is known to drop his own rule, if the person looking for help seems particulary interesting or in need, to him.
Grendel actually can hunt small animals, but he most of the time pretands he can't and instead takes the food others give him for payment or out of sympathy or friendship, because he's really just one lazy dog.

Pre-Group History:

Born under unfortunate circumstances Grendel was not just the runt of the litter, but also given the not very charming name of Grendel, due to his dislocated, later paralized hip he suffered during most likely a birth trauma. The shamans were not able to fix it, but lucky enough for Grendel, he was born into a loving and tolerant family and instead of killed off, his parents decided to give him a chance to live, if he'd survive and Grendel did.
His puphood wasn't exactly pleasant, as he couldn't really wrestle and play-fight with the other pups, who would often mock him and sometimes even bully. Grendel always shrugged it off, he soon learned, that if he couldn't play, he still could learn and so he spent most of his time listening to his mother tell him about healing herbs and plants and how to use them. He also listened to his father speak about hunting tactics and other important things, in fact, Grendel listened to everyone, who was willing to teach him and if they were, they soon discovered the crippled little pup to be a most avid and interested student. Grendel took in everything he was told, he decided that, if the pack couldn't benefit from his strenghts or hunting abilities, they might at least be able to benefit from his witts!

He so devoted himself to knowledge and actually managed to become a fairly accepted member of his birth-pack, despite his disability. He of course still is mocked from time to time, but the same time also often asked for information, because the wolves know, he knows an answer to almost every problem. After becoming an adult and not wanting to only rely on his mother and father anymore, Grendel decided to sell his knowledge and services for the simple payment of food. He left his birth-pack as a young adult and looked for a new one, finding it in Aergelynda's pack, Chandor.
His ultimate goal is to become a shaman one day and maybe even rise in rank a bit, he is not all too pushy about it though, but should the oppertunity arise, he'd sure take it.

Group History:

Grendel soon felt at home in Chandor. There he also met Fable, whom he quickly befrinded and grew close to.
Like that Grendel was also very said to hear, that Fable felt he needed to leave the pack to eventually find out about his past. As much as it upset him to lose his friend, he also understood Fable's wish to pursue his origin, even if it meant, they might not see each other again.

An old friend of Grendel's, Murdoc, showed up in Chandor one day and brought a she-wolf with him. Grendel fell head over heels for the strong, independant, mysterious Lore, yet he was too scared to let her kno about his feelings and since herself and Murdoc were both wanderers, he also had to see them leave again. Grendel still kept kicking himself inwardly though, for never daring to actually talk to Lore about his feelings.

When Fable returned to Chandor, Grendel was overjoyed! Even more so, when Fable asked him, if he might want to become a founding member of his pack, Fellfang.
Grendel didn't hesitate long, he thanked the wolves of Chandor for the time he had been allowed to spend with them and went with Fable to start over new. His joy was even bigger, when he also met Lore again in Fellfang! He still didn't dare to talk to her, but he sure feels very honored and happy to be able to be around her more often. Maybe, one day, he will be brave enough. Until then, he aspires to become an even greater healer and help his new pack strive!

He went on a mission together with fellow Witch-Doctor Winema and Fable to help safe the live of the son of Athena, alpha of Aryn.
While Grendel is very little interested in pack politics, he still took it as a great honor to having been picked to come by Fable as well as of course saving Raphael, the pup, was his very first priority.
After the great earthquake shook up Fellfang and Lore lost, Grendel struggles a bit with himself. He's angry and upset he never told Lore his true feelings for her and somehow still wants to believe she might've survived the earthquake somewhere, somehow. To keep his mind off things, he tries to focus even more on his work and least ensure he can safe everyone he possibly can.

The Aldinwitch - After recovering from the disaster and settling into their new lands, Grendel is chosen by Fable to become the new Aldinwitch of Fellfang! He takes this position with great pride and honor and is determined to do his very best to do this important new position justice, serving his beloved pack as good as he in any way can! 
Like that, Grendel also decides to make a pilgrimage to the mountain Lore sacrificed herself in after having had the vision that saved all their lives. He hopes he'll manage to finally find a sort of connection to the spirit world he slowly begins to realize might be more than just fiction thought up by drugged up hippies.  

The Blood Curse - Grendel travels back to the vulcano that took Lore's life in search for himself and answers. He hopes that maybe by going there, he'll be able to find a better connection to the spirit world as well as he hopes to finally make peace with the loss of Lore, which is still plaguing him greatly. While he is away the vixen calling herself Valda takes the opportunity of the Aldinwitch gone and undermines the pack, drugging Fable and turning the peaceful ways of Fellfang upside down. 
Grendel meanwhile knows nothing of this, but eventually meets Lore's spirit, who doesn't just open a new connection to the spirit world for him, but also reveals herself as his guardian spirit, warning him to return to Fellfang as quick as he can, since his skuld needs him.
With new powers Grendel does just that, finding his beloved homeland shattered by the devious seed Valda planted! Lucky enough there are plenty of old friends who don't believe the fox and so after meeting with Moth, who reveals to him that she believes Valda drugged Fable, Grendel calls for a secret meeting, where they discuss freeing Fellfang from the vixen's spell finally and forever!
In a daring ploy Grendel and the other wolves loyal to the old ways push Fable to his safety in a ditch, where he is to sober up, while the rest of the rebellion reveals Valda's true self to the pack and the fox is chased off eventually. Fable recovers and returns to his old self, the joy only becoming complete, when the first litter of healthy fawns is born to Fable and Polaris. All is well, just Grendel's heart is still quietly aching a bit for the company of a wolf to call his own.

Grendel eventually met a few very interesting she-wolves on his journeys coming after his Aldinwitch duties. Embla, Isla and Ori definitely were all she-wolves that embedded themselves in his heart, yet it seemed to never work out on the long run with Grendel still too shy to take the first step as well as him feeling he couldn't leave his Skul behind and giving Fellfang first priority. 
There was one she-wolf however - Hildegard - who touched his heart and soul. She was intelligent, wise and to some point wild and unwielding. Something that reminded him of Lore, whom maybe he still couldn't fully let go. Hildegard was a loner, a travelling healer and while she obviously shared Grendel's feelings and he shared her's, after a season spent together it became clear that she wasn't able to live in a pack and he couldn't leave behind his Skuld and thus with heavy hearts they parted again.

A few season later Grendel by chance and with the help of Lore's spirit finds a pup alone by the river. She looks a lot like Hildegard, yet it must be coincidence, right? Grendel takes in the pup without question however and raises her as a doting father, thriving by seeing his beloved little Loreley grow up to be a self-confident, adventurous young she-wolf.
Things change however when Fable announces he will retire from being the Jarl and his son Lincoln will take over. Grendel respects the decision of Fable and his mate however, knowing her illness can't be cured in Fellfang and thus wishing them all the best on their travels to heal Polaris.

Soon after Loreley returns with news of having discovered the den where the bear once killed her siblings and assumed her mother, yet she found no bones of an adult wolf, but rather traces of a very alive visitor. Grendel goes to investigate after being persuaded to do so by Lore's spirit and indeed, he meets Hildegard again! She survived, but couldn't find neither Loreley nor Grendel after her recovery from the wounds the bear had left, due to the river having washed them away. Much rejoyce is had as they finally reunite and this time Grendel waits no longer, but announces his love for Hildegard, which she returns!
Finally daring to take the big step into the unknown, certain Fellfang is ready for the next generation to take over, Grendel leaves Fellfang and the Domain together with Hildegard as mates while Lorteley too leaves to travel and discover the world, however with the promise to maybe return one day with many tales about her adventures.


Other Info 
Condition: He suffers from a paralized right hip and tail due to a birth trauma
Sympthomes: Limps, due to not being able to use right leg, is not able to move tail, often has back-aches due to crooked back.
Other Details: What he lacks in physical abilities, he makes up in mental ones. This wolf is smart, in every way possible.
Orientation: Heterosexual
Voice: Hugh Laurie
Theme Song: -tba-
Scent: Smells like herbs and healing plants most of the time.

Fable - a close friend of his. He followed him to Fellfang and hopes to be able to make their new pack florish and strive.
Lore - Grendel has a massive crush on the mysterious she-wolf, but hasn't yet dared to talk to her about it. After her death, Lore has become Grendel's guardian spirit. He still misses her tho and regrets never having talked to her about his feelings, when she was still alive.
Murdoc - Grendel knows of his past, but doesn't talk about it. Going to look for his pack and past, Murdoc has been gone for many moons now. Grendel hopes he found what he was looking for.
:bulletblue: Navindru - a patient of his in Chandor, whom he helped with an injured paw.
Nach - Grendel feels a little suspecious about the red wolf. Could he be a part of the duo that hurt many wolves who were his patients? Nach has proven himself to Grendel, he knows the red male has become a most loyal member of Fellfang.
Rutnik - Grendel thinks of him as a loyal, brave protector of their beloved pack.
Moth - a student of his, whom he sees great potential in. She may be a bit of a wallflower at first sight, but Grendel knows still waters run deep.
Embla - Grendel helped Embla remember some of the things from his past life. If it was good for Embla to know or not is yet to be determined.
Tadita - a kind and sweet she-wolf that GRendel likes a lot. He helped her ease her worries about her pregnancy, she helps him with parenting tips.
Isla - Grendel helped her escape her former pack and join Fellfang.
Loreley - the love and light of his life. Even if raising a daughter turns out harder than he thought, Grendel can't imagine anymore to be without her.
Hildegard - his mate and lover, whom he finally can be together with now.

RP-Status - :bulletgreen:OPEN:bulletgreen:

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There's his update! <3 I still love his ruffled, forward facing neck ruff, and the crisper back markings are a nice touch. :D