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Starfleet Type 36C Phaser Carbine by docwinter Starfleet Type 36C Phaser Carbine by docwinter
I vectored my actual Type 36 so that I could use it in my Star Trek Roleplay Games.

The Mark 36-G is a Personal Defence Weapon utilised by Starfleet Strategic Response Units, MACO and Marine forces as a suppliment to the larger, more popular Type III-F Compression Rifle.
It is designed following tactical encounters with both the Borg and Reman Remanant Ground forces aboard Starfleet Vessels to be used in conditions where the larger rifle has been found to be unwieldy, namely in counterboarding operations where the possibility of SRU, MACO and Marine response teams have to move between decks via a starships Jefferies Tube System; a method of travel made almost impossible when using a Type-III.

Designed to utilise the same Sarium Krellide Powercells of standard phasers and rifles, the Mk 36-G is also designed to mount additional combat packages, to increase its usefulness. The downside to the smaller frame of the Mk 36-G is that it is useless as an improvised melee weapon as the Type 3 has been used in the past. However its size far smaller than most 'assault' weapons of races marked by Starfleet Intelligence as 'potential threats' means that Starfleet SRU, MACO and Marine personnel are less likely to tire from extended operations of having to carry a larger, heavier rifle

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July 25, 2014
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