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Heavy Hitter

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Heavy Hitter is the name given to VF-23 Corsair Number 221 piloted by Lieutenant Jack "Gunnie" O'Brien during the Second World War. VF-23 was known as the Autonomous Fighter Group, based on both carriers and shore installations as the war required them. Lieutenant O'Brien was known to always prefer to carry bombs when on missions, stating that "The situation has not yet presented itself where high explosives have not been useful

The Corsairs of VF-23 gained the unique reputation being that not only where they allowed to personalize their aircraft (something normal naval aircraft weren't allowed to do) which means they are the only Corsairs in the Navy to sport Japanese, German and Italian kill markings (though one has a French flag that the group don't talk about)

created always by insanely talented s2ka and featuring @emmbri as the inspiration
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Totally read that as “Heavy Hitler” at first, haha. Had to do a double take.
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wasn't expecting that